Cher Is Coming to Town!

I'm so pumped! Cher is coming to town tomorrow! She is so fun...oh wait. Yeah...this is the point at which I explain that Cher is my little sister, not as in Sonny and Cher...
Cher is 7 years younger than me, but so fun. I plan to show her the town...although that could cause some problems, because, well...she is really pretty and guys tend to check her out...and she is somewhat naive in that respect, and doesn't notice, but I do. And I don' t like guys checking out my little sister, because she's my LITTLE sister! And NO one should be checkin' her out. (l'm very protective of my younger sisters, even though all three of them are bigger than me and can hold their own...except against me...but that's beside the point...what was the point???) Anyways, it should be a fun week!



Yup, you guessed it. Another poem. Yay.
The moon is jealous
as the world is in languid slumber.
Yet sleep does not drench
Her pale translucent skin
Until dawn approaches...
In her domain, she watches
over all.

As elaborate as a blue diamond symphony,
the intricate mist of the
Sun goddess envelopes us.
Her rich-toned honey music
steals us away,
Oblivious to all but us.

Daylight shimmers as
Earth goes about her usual business,
A subtle silver dust
begins to settle...
Night draws near.


Russ is an Idiot.

'nuff said.

Pollution, moral and otherwise

Yup. It's Russ posting here... I don't know to what extent I'll make this blog into a collective enterprise, since that would require conquering my sloth. (Really... it's sitting on my keyboard, and it bit me the last time I tried to move it)