Square One.

Welcome to Square One. Population: Me. Yup. Back at Square One. I went to the Cup to say I would return...and was then told that the one person who I wanted to work with, is quitting on Monday. So on Tuesday, I shall have to call and say that I shall not be returning, because I'm not taking a pay cut to work with people I don't like. So I guess for now I stay at Save On and blanket the city with more resumes. Yay me.
P.S. Thanks for the links, Dani. I applied to a few of them, so we shall see!!



ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! So...the Cup on Jasper and 118th wants me back. They are tempting me with 40 hours a week (a 7-3 shift monday to friday), a raise, and working with the guy that I really liked working with there, even knowing that I am looking for a better job. I'm sick of Save On, because I am smarter than the managers, and they are screwing me out of benefits. I've been working 24-37 hours a week since I started, and you need to work 13 consecutive weeks of 20 hours a week in order to qualify for dental. The week that is my 13 th week, they scheduled me for-get this-19.75 hours!!!!!!!! And the week after, they scheduled me for 35 hours!!! Apparently, I'm not the only one they did/do this to. I don't know though, because I really don't want to go back to Second Cup, but at the same time, the offer is better than what Save On is doing to me...but thinking about going back to that Cup gives me a bad feeling too...Russ thinks I should go to Second Cup because working in a grocery store is killing me...but working in a Second Cup was killing me too...I honestly have NO idea what to do. And that really REALLY sucks.


Suchen nach meinem Weg.

It just hit me the other day. I'm done school. I'm no longer a student. I don't have to go back to school in the fall. I don't need to have my confirmation deposit in by August whatever. I'm done. Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "Um, DUH, Cass. We all know this, and you do too. You wrote a post about being done. What the crap are you on???" Well...now I'm freaking out, and am totally confused. I don't like Save-On. It's too repetitive, the customers are too much, and I hate the management. Ever seen "Office Space"? Pretty much covers it. It's not for me. I thought about taking a two-year diploma in Professional Writing at Macewan, but after much agonizing, I have decided that, while it would probably get me a job, I don't think it would really challenge me enough to keep me interested...plus, I don't think I would be going because I really really want to, but rather, because school is where I am comfortable. It is easy to stay where you are comfortable, even if you don't get anywhere--hence, the centuries spent at Second Cup. So my next choice is to go to an employment agency, and hope for something that doesn't suck. Even a being a receptionist would be better than where I am now...although I'm wishing that I had graduated with a more useful degree. When I tell people I'm an English major, they laugh and then ask, "Well...what do you plan to do with that?" I would LOVE to work for a newspaper or a magazine, but I'm not even really sure how to get there. UGH! This sucks. Russ is lucky. He's gonna be an accountant--not that he's lucky to get to be an accountant, as I'm sure Arden can attest to, but rather, that he knows what he can do with it. What good is a BA in ENGLISH?? Seriously, this sucks. On top of all this, I'm just feeling restless in general, which just makes everything else more trying... Mein Verstand ist im Tumult.