The Jewish Harlot.

So apparently I am a Jewish "Lady of the Night" according to some retard customers who thought that they were just hilarious. Yesterday I was helping a guy, and the first thing he said was " Are you Jewish?" My confused response was..."uh, no...do I look like I'm Jewish???" And he just laughed, and it required all of my willpower to shatter his confidence by telling him he was not at all funny...but that's not all...
Today, I greeted another guy, and he said "Cassandra. Well, Cassandra, do you like your name?" Confused, I responded by telling him that I did, in fact like my name, and was rather attached to it. He then proceeded to tell me that his brother wanted to name his child that, but his wife thought it was the name of a "lady of the night" (while saying this he used the finger quote gestures and winked, of course....). I replied, "Did you actually just say what I think you said?" He kinda studdered and then nervously laughed. I rolled my eyes and walked away. Serves him right for talking to a Harlot.


New Tunes!

I just discovered the greatest new singer/group/whatever...Frou Frou!! Sooooo Good!! I think you'd really like it, Erika! I highly recommend everyone to check her out!



Russ and I have been together for two years. That is hard to believe...I don't have a good track record for relationships, so two years is crazy....but it's so great...sigh....I actually wrote this almost a year ago, but I think it makes sense to post it now.


Reach down to me,
pull me from the turbid mire.
Drench me in light.
Kiss me with your warming lips,
remind me why I'm here.

Crystal drops soak my skin,
with the gentle touch of a thunderstorm.
Look me in the eye...
Show me your soul.

Vines intertwined,
we walk among the clouds.
Elated...I'm afraid.
I've never been here before.

I stand here with you
Between lightning and light...
Higher than I've ever been,
You're what I need.



I have grown tired
of this life's restrictions.
I long to stretch
My ill-used wings
and fly far away.

If only I could turn
back the tireless hands of time,
and capture all the perfect moments
to keep in my pocket.
There has to be a reason for all this madness.

I want to glimmer like I used to,
long before I became jaded to everything.
I want to sparkle brighter than the starry night.
I wish to shine.

I wish I could step out of my head
for just one day,
to actually know what it is to see the
World through rose-coloured glasses...
What must that be like?


Trapped by Language

Today is my day off, so while Russ was at work, I decided to camp out in front of the tv...
I ended up watching Sunday afternoon news on CBC. The death toll resulting from the tsunami has now reached 150 000, and there are still bodies washing up on shore in some places...
They did a recap of the week's events, as well as interviewed various Canadian survivors. I can't wrap my brain around it. I just can't. I see the video, hear the stories, read the articles, and I just can't imagine the horror going on in those stricken countries. Indonesia's death toll alone is over 80 000. At moments like this, it makes me so thankful to be in Canada, yet I feel guilty enjoying my cushy bed when people are sleeping on a dirt floor in an open-air temple, their whole lives having been swept away by water. There is a little boy in India who has a hole in his heart, and is to have surgery on the 10th, but his mother doesn't want to leave the temple where they are staying because she will lose her place to bring him back to to recover. Jan 08th there is a national memorial in Ottawa at noon. All flags on government and federal buildings are to be lowered to half-mast today...there is much to think about, and reflect on. Welcome to 2005.