This weekend Russ and I were able to spend thanksgiving with my extended family, which is always an exciting time. This year there was much to be thankful for:

  • All of my sisters and I were able to make it home this year
  • Russ and I met Maria, the Brazilian exchange student who is staying with my parents for the year
  • My cousin Ben was at thanksgiving at my grandparents (Ben spent the last year in New Zealand, and this weekend was the first we'd seen of him since he came home!)
  • My cousin Jana and her husband Dan announced the exciting news that they are expecting (the first!)
  • I was able to wander around my old high school and take some pictures and refresh some memories before it is sold (the town has built a fancy new school)
  • There was copious amounts of delicious homemade food to be shared
  • There was much conversation and laughter to share
  • The snow held off on our drive home until we arrived in Edmonton
And finally, my wonderful, awesome and somewhat nerdy husband came across this sweet video on youtube:


Again, I Have Been in Remiss...

It's not that life has been packed with excitement, but it has been so busy. At work, things are in the weird limbo right before the holiday season. At home, I'm trying to get through all the fantastic new books that have come out this fall, and spending time with Russ.

Speaking of books, I highly recommend Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games books: The first, The Hunger Games, and the just-released sequel, Catching Fire. Both books are action-packed, fast-paced, suspenseful, and full of wonderfully written characters that instantly capture your attention. I can hardly wait for the third novel to be released, but I know I'll be waiting a while...in the meantime, I have Douglas Coupland and Margaret Atwood to keep me busy.