Darn Skippy.

I'm so sick of being a student. There seems to be some sort of status to being a college or university student. It seems to justify having a crappy job, and a cheapo apartment, as well as looking all strubby and wearing pjs in public. These are definitely perks, but when you think about all of the work and time and life school absorbs, its hard to remain thrilled about this. I am up to my eyeballs in homework and reading...(who thought that being an English major would require reading....) I'm supposed to be writing a 2000 word paper on a discussion of "what is a Woman" according to Freud, De Beauvoir and Bourdieu...it was due on Thursday, but the class conspired before class on Tuesday and managed to bribe our prof into giving an extension to this Tuesday...you'd THINK that that would give me more time to write it and get it done...but being the hardcore procrastinator that I am, I am leaving it until the last moment. I'm gonna say that it is a great adrenaline rush to finish late at night the day before it is due...but I think I just have a pension for stress. My plan is to have an ulcer before Christmas break...and no life until then...


I Want a Band!

I wish that I was musically inclined. Rather, more so...I can play the piano...and that's about it. I want a band. It would be called Jill's Smirking Revenge, and it would ROCK SO HARD! Yup, and the name of the first album would be "If Courtney Can Do It..." Because if Courtney Love can have a band with her tone-deaf voice, then why can't I???


Rock On, Sistas

Welcome to the Gong Show.

I have come to the conclusion that my life is one big, ginormous Gong Show!!! Seriously. Giant. Gong. Show. I am the host. Welcome to my Gong Show. Please. Take a seat. Sit back. Be amused and concurrently glad that this is not YOUR Gong Show. Maybe you have one of your own, but mine is bigger!! With more crazy peoples!! So seriously, I welcome you to the Freakin' Gong Show. I wonder how many times I can type Gong Show before I go crazy...Wait...I have a Gong Show. I AM crazy! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
I need chocolate.


Big Dumb Combat Boots.

I wish that I had ginormous, scary, hardcore combat boots that I could use to kick people with. Not everyone, just those yucky people who really need it. I could be like some kind of dark crusader...I could have a cape!! But no leotards. Is it wrong that I like the name Vendetta? I'm told that I am like her...I want to make things....terrible things...because some people really are stoopid. Happy Turkey Day.