It's Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown...

Retail tries to ruin Christmas for me. Being forced to listen to stale, boring classic Christmas music on a loop right after Halloween, being surrounded by crazed shoppers day in, day out...Christmas isn't about the gifts. It isn't about the baking and treats (though they are really great!), it isn't about the lights and the decorations, but it's been eclipsed by them. The consumerism of this holiday is especially frustrating because I'm surrounded by it daily. Being stuck in the mall at Christmas is frustrating. I love Christmas. I love listening to the good music, decorating a tree, (even if it as tiny little one on our table), I love spending time with family, making and eating treats...Christmas is a sweet time, outside of the mall.


T'is the Season...

The first snow has fallen...and melted, but there is a distinct chill in the air.

Things have definitely taken a more festive turn, and everything is beginning to feel holiday-esque. Work is a frenzy of holiday-product-related activity, and people are already frantic to get their holiday shopping completed.

This will be the first Christmas that Russ and I will actually spend together. We will actually be together on Christmas morning, rather than talking on the phone. We will actually have presents for each other under the tree, and will get to see the other unwrap them.
While I dread the time leading up to Christmas, as working in retail has that effect on anyone, I'm definitely excited for my first holiday with my husband.