Isn't it Obvious?

Interesting food for thought.  What talent are you downplaying right now?



This weekend was spent enjoying the food and company of family. Once again I am reminded of how much I have to be thankful for.


Everybody Get Together, Try to Love One Another Right Now

Taking public transit always reminds me to be grateful for our little car.  Today was no different.  I had Medea with me, in the stroller, so we were at the front.  The bus was quite full.  An older gentleman got on, and as the bus started moving, he lost his balance and fell into a fellow sitting across the aisle from me. The older gentleman quickly regained his footing, apologized, and took a seat by me.  The fellow sat for a moment, busy with his iPhone, then, very loudly said, "What? You're not even going to f****** apologize for crashing into me? Really? What? It wasn't your fault? The bus just happened to lurch and you fell? Cummon!"  Everyone around them let out a collective gasp.  Had we seriously just heard that?  The older gentleman looked very embarrassed and apologized again, saying he had lost his balance when the bus started moving.  The fellow (wearing Ed Hardy laceless sneakers) scowled, muttered more expletives under his breath and went back to his iPhone.  I felt very badly for the older gentleman, and wondered what made the fellow feel like he needed to be so awful to a perfect stranger. As I exited the bus, I wondered why people feel the need to be so awful to one another.  Sigh...


All the Hats

Once again, I have failed to regularly update this blog of mine. Part of the problem is finding time. Between chasing a toddler and working part time, as well as (kind of) maintaining a home and trying to have some semblance of a social life, this space has fallen to the wayside. The other part of the problem is the struggle I am having with figuring out where to go and what I want this place to be. Which hat should I don to write my posts--the mama hat? The artist hat? The writer hat? The random hat? Perhaps the Cat in the Hat?? Maybe I should wear all the hats at once! Did you know that there is an Argentinian band called All the Hats??