Shopaholics Anonymous

Hi. I'm Cassandra, and I'm a shopaholic. Well, an online shopaholic, to be precise. I can't stop myself. I find all of these deliciously alluring products, and with a few clicks of a mouse, and a few weeks later, they are delivered to my door. No battling the zombie mall people, scary salespeople, or idiots who don't know what they are doing and shouldn't be allowed to breed. I should start a support group. Or is there one already? But if I started my own, then only the cool kids could join...Okay, maybe it's not only online purchasing...I don't have a closet full of clothing with tags still attached, but, um...have you seen my makeup CASE lately?? It's pretty bad when the sales girls at MAC recognize you, and have a pretty good idea of what you already own...the thing is, is that since I always do different things with my makeup, I do use it all. Hmm...come to think of it, I do have a closet full of shoes that I should deal with...And...how many winter jackets does one person need? Okay, you guys, I have a problem. I do. I fully admit it. I just bought a scent collection of products from Victoria's Secret..."Vanilla Lace"...mmmmmmmmm...I can't wait! Yup. Not only am I a music junkie and a movie junkie, but I'm also a beauty product junkie. (Russ or my sisters or Steph or Rebecca could vouch for that) Man. Well, in classic junkie fashion, here's where I start pointing fingers at others...You know who you are. So I say, Shopaholics...UNITE!! Maybe we could fight crime...



What a lovely name....yes...so, in case you haven't noticed, there are a couple of links along the side of my blog. I would like to recommend that you all visit Making Fiends, because it is awesome. Yes. I am Vendetta. Seriously, do you think that I would be a bad person if I named my first-born Vendetta? I think it's pretty! Also, since we all know that I am the Queen of the Rant, I really enjoy Ill Will Press's Neurotically Yours. It is so good! If you start to miss me, and need to be ranted at...or weirded out, or just plain amused, check it out. I think all the Cuppies would appreciate both "Coffee House Propaganda" and "Small, Medium, Large". I will warn you though, there is a great deal of profanity, so if that bothers you, suck it up. Yes. Now. Must. Sleep. or will fall assleeeeppp in stupid Anthro class........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thought for the Day...

"Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is. " Ecclesiastes 10:3


Chaos Theory.

You'd think that after 3 years at U of A, I would have learned that you DON"T go to the bookstore in the first few days of school. If anyone has seen Shaun of the Dead, and remember the scene with all the zombies in front of the Winchester, that was how the bookstore was today. It was the worst I have ever seen!! No one seemed to understand the concept of lining up down the aisles, and instead clumped all over around the actual lines. Ugh. On the bright side of things, my profs aren't jerks, and most of my reading material is available online!! Which, for Cass, equals WAY less money spent on books!! And way fewer books to lug around!!! Hooray!!


Mopey McGee...

Cass is feeling a bit melancholy today...notice the mopey blue text? Yup...So school starts on Wednesday. Whoo. Not really excited, but it will be nice to not be working 24/7...however, horror of horrors, Cass will no longer be opening on week days anymore :( I really don't mind closing, but I have told some of the regulars, and they were already having anxiety attacks. Anyone who has worked in the morning at the Cup can understand...the morning people FEAR change. SERIOUSLY! And since I have been opening for the last decade or so, (Cass isn't at ALL prone to exaGGErATION...) me closing will throw off the delicate homeostasis of Cup mornings. Plus, Cindy gets stuck working with the new kids on the block...who aren't all bad...except for that one chick, and I'm pretty sure you all know who I'm referring to...(hint: not Corntree...) But yes. Mope.


The Curse.

Russ and I have decided, that as soon as we graduate, we are buying a condo. Why, you may ask, have we decided this? Well, let me tell you...so that we can escape the Curse of psycho landlords!!! On Thursday, we had the landlord call us up and yell at us because we haven't unpacked yet, meaning that our apartment is full of boxes. He said it was a fire hazard. Also, because there are some dirty dishes on the counter, apparently it is a health hazard as well. On top of that, he accused us of taking a hammer to the front door, which is ironic because, firstly, we don't own a hammer, and secondly, because we mentioned the damage before we even moved in, and he said that he would replace the door...yeah. So when I called him back to find out how, exactly, we could unpack things when we had no storage locker, which he had promised to assign to us, before we moved in. He started swearing at me, and so I simply said that the apartment was not an f**king mess, and he responded with "Now you're f**king swearing at me??!!! Well I'm going to evict your sorry ass!" and proceeded to hang up. Now, since we have been screwed around a number of times, we have the tenant/landlord Act pretty much memorized. He could try to evict us, but since we have not damaged the apartment, and since we unpacked some stuff and did some dishes, he really can't do anything. I'm pretty sure he was just having a bad day because the fire inspectors came by to inspect the bedroom windows in the building to see if they were up to code, and they aren't, and that is the landlord's responsiblity, and so he decided to take his frustruation out on us. Ugh. What an uneducated wank.