Rainy Days Make Me Smile.

For some reason or another, I really enjoy rainy days. Maybe it's the farm girl in me, or perhaps it caters to my meloncholy, but in any case I just love rain. Especially when it's not super windy, and the rain is steady and lasts all day. It's the perfect kind of weather to curl up on the couch with a good book and a warm blanket, because doing that when it snows means that you are there because it is too freakin' cold out to do anything else. I grew up in the country, and so I have always loved to go to sleep listening to the rain on the roof. In the city, it is much harder to enjoy that sound with all the sounds of the city going on in the background. I just wish it was possible to bottle the smell of freshly-rained-on earth. I would wear it everyday, and my house would smell like it too...fresh, clean, and green. Yup. That would be swell.


My Birthday.

Today is my 23rd birthday. Man, do I feel old...I know that I'm not, but still...
It was a quiet day today. Russ and I went to the mall, for about 1/2 hr. because it was so stupidly busy. Then Russ took me to Gabbana for supper, which was soo good!!! Then we went and bought a lemon cream shortcake, and watched the movie Billy Elliot (which is such a great movie!) My parents called from somewhere in Montana (on their way home from Texas), which was nice because I hadn't been able to talk to them for about 10 days. I really wish that I didn't have to work 7 open shifts in a row this week...it kind of puts a damper on my freaking out over how much stuff I have to get done before the middle of August...but...I also need the money so that I don't have move again...but yes. Today is my birthday, so happy birthday to me.


The Universe is Against Me!

So I have discovered where my missing David Usher merchandise is...you know the psycho at the Albany? Well, two days after we had moved out, my parcel was "received" at the Albany. That cow STOLE MY PARCEL !! That's tampering with federal mail! That's ILLEGAL!!!!!! SO ILLEGAL!!!


We took a cab to the University, then walked home across the high level bridge...and this picture turned out really well.

The Band.

I've got a lot of these...

The band.

I love David Usher.

That's right...digital cameras are great...and were allowed at the concert!!


The concert last night was absolutely amazing!!!! It never ceases to amaze me just how talented David Usher is! Russ and I were standing right at the front, against the stage, just off center. In some ways, he sounds better live than recorded. There is just so power and range in his voice. They did three encores, which was great, and he didn't just do songs from the new album, but also a couple of Moist songs, as well as classics from his other albums, such as Black Black Heart, F Train, St Lawrence River, Blinded, and Alone in the Universe. Ahh...so so SO GOOD!!!! Of course, there were some morons there, and for the first 20 min, I was sandwiched between a sweaty fat chick, and a boney drunk chick who was actually leaning on me because she was having trouble standing up. Russ got a "backrub" by some creepy chick who was probably on E or something, and some creepy drunk guy half humped his leg...in an effort to hump the chick next to him, who was practically sitting on his hip. It was really cool standing in line, because everyone around us were also hardcore David Usher fans, and so we shared weird experiences from past concerts, like drunken dancing mommy at K-Days a few years ago, and the weird hippy old lady who was tripping on acid and dancing as one would have at Woodstock...it was so fun!! We were going to get our picture taken by the photographer for the website...but we were caught in the flow after the concert was over, and so left right away to avoid getting trampled. Luckily, our cab drivers were good and didn't get confused as to our destination. (Always stick to Coop Taxi!) All in all, it was an awesome night!!! Definitely worth the wait!!



Man...that last post was so whiny...what a big whiner...anyways...


Stupid Cupper Clique!

So...I have come to the devistating realization that I am out of the Second Cup clique...and it makes me kind of sad...in more ways than one. I used to always do things with everyone...but now...I never hear about anything until after the fact...this makes me sad, because a) I consider my co-workers my friends, and b) because my co-workers are my supposed friends...
I know...i'm being a loser, but still, I do still enjoy going for bubble tea, or going for wings, or going for dinner, or whatever, but it seems that I have been shunned. Hm. Perhaps I am just being more paranoid than usual, as has been the case recently...
That's fine though. Y'all all are jerks anyways...besides on Friday, I get to work with Steph and Rebecca! Yay! Then it's back to stupid Courtney all weekend...but then, on sunday, DAVID USHER! AND HE BETTER NOT BE SICK THIS TIME!!
Anyways, enough self-pity...I have to go get photos developed for the scrapbook that I am putting together for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. Don't get reprints at London Drugs! They charge 59 cents a reprint, and Save-On-Foods only charges 27 cents!


So this is Summer....

So it's July now...and I've been at some stage of moving for...oh...about 3 freakin' months now!!!! Now if we had a car, we would be done in one day...but since we are moving, we can't afford a car! Seriously, what is going on in the UNIVERSE??!! Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy new surroundings as much as the next chick, but really, this is just getting ridiculous!!
I'm thinking that perhaps it is time to break down and rent a u-haul. Yup. Me and Russ. Packin' a U-haul. Oh man. How fun. I am, however, excited because I put up curtains in the new place, and they are so cute!!! RAINBOW CURTAINS!! YAY!!! whoa. Got a little carried away there...geez...there must be something in the water. Or Wasser, as the case (feminine, I think) may be...stupid German. Why is it that the most interesting thing in my life right now is me moving...AGAIN!??!!! So Russ, about my birthday....