We are finally free from the craphole hovel!! Yup. Got the DD back and gave back the keys. Now we can focus on unpacking here. I'm almost done my training at Save On. So far, I like it. Actually, a lot of the regulars from the Cup shop there, so I'll get to see everyone still, oddly enough. Apparently, there is a contract revison in progress right now, and when it goes through, all the new employees will be getting a $4 raise!!! So good thing I left the crappy Cup. Yay! I can't wait to be done this semester, then I can truly relax.


I'm SUPPOSED to be Studying Right Now...

I hate studying. Especially studying the moral fantasy and formula of the romance novel. I don't care. So I decided to post one of my favorite videos. Normally, I hate anime music videos, but this one is so well done, and involves two of my favorite things--Eva and Rammstein...it's better when you've seen Eva, but it's still great. It sums up Auska perfectly, and when you know that the chorus says "God knows I don't want to be an angel"...it's just great!!

Get this video and more at MySpace.com


Everybody Dance Now.

Erika had this on her blog, and I just had to add it to mine because it will really make your day!! This guy has some sweet moves!



I am officially (but temporarily) unemployed!! I couldn't stand the Cup anymore, so I quit this morning. I gave the owner notice so he could get my shifts covered, but I quit. I couldn't deal anymore. He was a little choked, but c'est la vie...My mental health thanks me! I'm financially alright because of student loans, so as long as I don't spend like an idiot, I'll be fine. I start at Save On on the 29th, but I dropped off about 10 resumes to various places in case I can find something that pays a bit more in the meantime...But if nothing comes up, I DO already have a job. I would have started last night, but the training class was full, so I have to wait for the next one. Oh well...
Moving is going alright, we are moving the bed, and all the essentials tonight because phone and power get switched over tomorrow, so we want to be living there...I'm so EXCITED!! I can't wait to get out of this crappy place...especially after we were parking Smegol, and the landlord yelled at us for parking in the parking lot, and we said that we live here and have the right, and he said, "You can't just go out and buy a car!!" We said, "Yes, we can. It's a free country. When we moved in, we told you that we were buying a car, and you said that's fine because there are no assigned spaces and room in the lot." There no longer is room in the lot because he is using a space to park his crappy Grand Cherokee with friggin' farm plates!!!! Who uses a CHEROKEE on a farm?? Especially since it's been parked in the city for about 4 months!! Argh. Stupid people bother me. A LOT.



So Till Lindemann is actually 43...which has no impact on my previous statements...also, it's worth mentioning that Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein is pretty freakin' hot too...yup..apparently I'm in high school again. Do you think Russ would let me put eyeliner and nail polish on him??
Anyways, I had the interview, and will likely get the job...but I won't take it because it requires me to take a significant drop in wage, which I can't do...so still cuppin' it for now...hehheh...that sounds dirty...I'm so overtired its not even funny. By the way, the cup I work at now is on Jasper and 118 Street, in case anyone wants to come visit...


I'm Only Happy When it Rains...

Well, that's not true, but I LOVE the rain!!! I don't know why, but I just do. Anyways...I may beable to achieve moksha and escape from samsara...I have an interview for cashier at Save-On-Foods today. Not the world's most glamourous job, but I'm pretty sure it pays better than Second Cup and I will finally be able to escape. I'm so FREAKIN' sick of Second Cup! I dislike this Cup ALMOST as much as I hate the old one...for totally different reasons though. It's so dead that time c r a w l s by, they don't clean ANYTHING, which is pretty gross, and most of the people there are pretty lazy, so when I come on shift, I spend the first few hours catching up and stocking stuff. The people there are clique-y in a bad way, and all a bit rich, spoiled and stuck up. Don't get me wrong, there's a couple of people that I just LOVE working with, but not enough to stick around. I dread going to work so much...I hope I get the job at Save-On, but my sister works there and gave a good recommendation, so I don't see why I wouldn't. I won't, however, take it if it means less money, because I am poor.

On an entirely separate note, I'm falling in love with the lead singer of Rammstein, even though he's like 37...yup...something about growling in German just gets me all hot and bothered...plus, he wears black eyeliner and bondage gear onstage, and has access to a flamethrower...heheh...I wonder if Russ would let me add him to the List...doubtful.


Need a Little Change...or a Big One.

So I have been seriously considering getting my lip pierced for...oh, about 7 years...but I don't want to wreck my teeth that took 4 years and butt-loads of money to get straightened and nice...and I think I have found a way around it--a vertical labret. Instead of going straight through like a normal lip piercing, it goes at an angle so that the barbell doesn't come into contact with your teeth. Amanda had one, and it looked even cooler than a lip piercing! So I think I shall trek on down to Eye of the Lotus and get an new hole in my head...yay!!


Six Weeks and Counting...

I'm sitting in the drafty Business Atrium on campus right now...wasting time until my next class starts. It really sucks, because I have a class from 9am-10:20am, then I have NOTHING until 1pm!! Unfortunately, that is the only way that my timetable would work out. I only have six weeks until I'm DONE!! I can't wait. However, until then, I'm stuck spending copious quantities of time here on campus. I'm taking Women and World Religion, and C Lit of Popular Fiction...should be pretty easy. I had my C Lit class this morning. There are 11 people in the class! The prof seems cool enough, though a little flaky, but the class itself shouldn't be too bad. The great thing is that, the class is supposed to go until 10:10am, but instead, she tacked an extra ten minutes on the end of each class Monday to Thursday, so that we have NO CLASS on Fridays!! I think that's pretty sweet!
Ugh. I start closing shifts at the cup tonight. 4-11:30. Brutal. I hope the person I close with isn't a cow, or stupid, or anything. I'm a little nervous because they do things quite differently at this cup, and it's taking some getting used to...for instance, only one person actually works til 11:30. The other person is off at 11pm. I don't really know how that works, so tonight will be a learning experience. Luckily, the girl I'm working with closes all the time, so she will hopefully explain how things are done...anyways...I should get my reading done now so that I don't have to do it after work tonight. Only six weeks...


Moving Moving Moving, Cass and Russ are Moving!!

Yes! Finally! We get to get out of this awful hole of a hovel!!! Nothing is finalized yet, but we are going to be moving into an apartment in my sister's building. The rent is $100 cheaper, including parking (designated parking, so no retards can threaten to get us towed because we are in "their" spot, even though there are no designated parking spaces...), the apartment is almost twice as big, its not a million years old, there is tons of storage, there isn't a freakin' crazy bowling ball woman with schitzophrenia living upstairs, it's bright, away from the Albany, and the landlords aren't CRAZY!! Yup...needless to say, we are pretty excited. What's even cooler, is that we can start moving in on the 10th, and they will only charge rent for the period of the month in which we actually have possession, rather than for the whole month. So, Russ got me hooked on this PS2 game called We Love Katamari, and in it you are an alien prince who has to roll things up into a giant ball because the king of the universe destroyed all the stars and you need to make new ones. Its hilarious, because as the ball gets bigger, you can roll up people, and animals, and buildings, and continents...yup...fun stuff.
I applied for a job at Coles books. I had always wanted to work in a bookstore and in a coffee shop. I have the coffee shop thing checked off, so next is the bookstore.
OOOoooooOOOo!! Also, after a long search, I FINALLY acquired my bright red Chucks!! They are surprisingly hard to find...there is a plethora of pink, black and white ones, but no red ones...but now I have some!!! Yay!! Things are looking up...except that I haven't got to talk to pretty much anyone from the Cup who has moved on and left and such, and that makes me sad...I miss you guys!! I also miss Yvonne...I haven't talked to her in way too freakin' long...maybe tomorrow will be my day of reestablished connections...