Christmas Time is Here!

I enjoyed my first married Christmas with Russ and the fam, and it was wonderful! I hope your Christmas has been merry and bright.


In the Deep Freeze...

One of the wonderful things about living in Canada is the glorious Arctic cold fronts that move in and camp out, plunging temperatures well into the negative digits (centigrade), as well as dumping delightful piles of crunchy snow everywhere. As delightful as all this wintry weather is, it has angered our car Max, and Max now refuses to start. On top of that, our apartment building was bathed in the warm glow of a fire last night. No big deal--fire in the garbage room, which filled the halls with smoke and forced the residents to wait in the cold for 20 minutes, but a neat little bit of excitement, to be sure. Oh well. Only a few more days until Christmas, and only ONE more day of work until a bit of time off and getting to spend time with family!!


Merry and Bright

Temperatures are plunging and snow is falling...the most wonderful time of the year? In spite of the icky weather, all is well. I'm nearly done gathering my gifts, and am looking forward to spending time with the fam! The mall is crazy, and people are frantic to get everything done. I refuse to be sucked into the vortex of stress and instead, attempt to remain an outside observer. I refuse to allow stress to get to me, and I shall emerge from the frenzy, cool as a cucumber. I can't wait!