Family Reunions...

This weekend Russ and I went to Olds for my family reunion. It was pretty fun, despite the fact that it rained almost all day, and there were about 30 kids limited to the small gym as far as playing areas...but it was pretty cool. I saw a lot of family that I haven't seen in 5 or 6 years...it's hard to believe so many of my cousins have kids now!! We looked at old photo albums of my great grandparents and stuff, which was really interesting. As far as being in Olds...it was good to get out of the city, and it was nice to see my family, but I'm glad to be home. Except, I HATE Greyhound buses!!!
I'm slightly bitter...my parents and my youngest sister Cher get to go visit my aunt and uncle and cousins this summer...in Texas!! I want to go!! Too bad I'm always moving and thus have no money, otherwise I would SO be going to Texas!! I haven't seen my two cousins Beth and Brenda in about 10 years, and they both have kids now!! Oh well..not much I can do...except whine and complain, that is...
Also, I added Russ's blog to my list...which means that he needs to start posting!!!

Mark and Jana's husband Dan, observing the relay. I'm sure Dan is so proud...

A bunch of my cousins and my cousins' kids at the reunion.

My cousin Jana demonstrates the ideal technique for the obstacle relay race.

My sister Cher and our cousin Mark.

My sister Caryn and our new cousin Tyric...He is so cute!


I'm going to KILL the Genetic Defect Downstairs!!!!

ARGH! The jerk-wad downstairs has fricken' surround sound on his stupid tv, and has been watching crappy crap for a week, but only after 8pm, and before 10am!!!!! It sounds like thunder, and the whole apartment VIBRATES!!!! AAARGH! TOO MUCH RAGE AND STUPIDITY FOR ONE DAY!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!! I'M TURNING INTO A GIANT BALL OF RAGE!!!!! StUPID PEOPLE!! NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BREED!! bah.

Um... Alanis Morrissette is WHAT?!!!

Have you ever met someone who's very existence irritates you to your very CORE, who is so abrasive that you seriously consider lighting them on FIRE just to find repose???? Well, I worked with that person today. Let me tell you, to say that it was no picnic would be like saying that Mount Everest is high.
I have never heard so much inane, vapid chatter in my entire LIFE!!! Just shut UP! And the crap that came spewing out of her mouth...SERIOUSLY!!!
Apparently, the Cup is not haunted by a ghost, as we have believed. APPARENTLY, it is haunted by...drumroll please...Jesus. Yes. That's right. Jesus is haunting Second Cup, because, apparently, He doesn't have anything better to do. And-GET THIS-it is all because of the Communist cookies! Because the raspberry stars apparently have a political affiliation. She then proceeds to tell me that she doesn't like Alanis because she thinks that she is God. Why, you may ask, does Alanis think she is God? Because she played God in Dogma. Playing a role in a movie now apparently makes you into that role! Its so sad though, because by the end of the shift, I was openly insulting her, and she DIDN'T GET IT!! She called a customer a GRUMPIPUSS !!!!! She told another couple, who was sitting on a couch, talking and holding hands, to GET A ROOM!!! They weren't regulars, she just randomly does things like that!!!
I guess you learn something from each experience in life...today I learned restraint...BAH.



German is done. ForEVER. Now it will all fall out of my head. Hooray.


We Got It!

So we are moving...again...but now we will be neighbours with Alissa! (Heheh...sucks to be Alissa...) We got the apartment, and we get to move in in July. I don't want to move, but moving into there will be very cool! Hardwood floors, fireplace, creepy laundary room, probably haunted...does it get any better?
Before we move, I need to downsize my collection of crap...I am such a packrat, and we had no time to downside before the first move. This apartment has less storage, so it gives me a good reason to get rid of lots of junk...my mom is so proud...


AH!! BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So. Who wants to help us move? And does anyone know where we can live? I am checking to see if Alissa's building still has that one apartment for rent...if not...CRAP!

So sei es.

So my cool friend Katie, who is a pyrotechnician (she blows things up...) is moving to Calgary tomorrow. *sniff* And she is having a goodbye thing tonight...and I CAN'T go!! I'm pretty choked...stupid not-having-a-car...bah. Stupid work...whatever.

I am so freakin' sick of GERMAN! If I have to read one more stupid subjunctive phrase again, I'm going to light the textbook on fire! FIRE! I really don't mind closing shifts at work...but I feel like I am totally out of the loop in the socialialites of the Cup...thats right, SOCIALITIES! (I'm an English major, and I can make up my own words if I wanna!!)
Man am I depleted...I could curl up into a ball in a dark room and sleep for a month. That would be awesome...no work, no German, no nothing. Just sweet sweet sleep. The apartment is starting to actually look homey, even though there are still boxes everywhere...These two are the only ones that could be presentable so far...

The bathroom...I have a Stitch infatuation...

The living room...it'll look much nicer once its actually unpacked and clean...which won't happen until we are done german...in only 5 days...


Weapons-Grade Sucktonium

Yeah. Russ here. I actually have posting rights here, due to a gross oversight by management. Anyways, I am going to be so happy when my German class is over (suffering it along with Cass) As for the general state of everything... really, not too bad.

-German will last a finite (and ever-diminishing) time.
-Finances decreasing at a predictable rate, but put me in no danger of cat-food burritos.