Food for Thought

It is this belief in a power larger than myself and other than myself which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable.
~Maya Angelou


Damn You Jerry Bruckheimer!

So on Monday, I settled in to watch the season premiere of CSI: Miami. I was totally pumped. On the preview it said that one of the CSIs wasn't going to survive the investigation. I totally wanted it to be the blonde chick, because I love all the other characters, but she is kinda annoying. And what do they do? They killed off SPEED!! Besides Horatio, Speed was my favorite character! I was very very upset...I actually cried when they showed the funeral. Jerry Bruckheimer sucks! The show won't be the same without him...


Its All Part of the Job...

I have torani in my hair. I could make a killing selling a body scrub made of coffee grinds. Any of you steal my idea, and you will taste my pain!

There is a Special Circle of Hell Reserved for You!

I went to the school bookstore to purchase "literature" for my lovely classes...and it gave me an ulcer! The pain started as I elbowed (LITERALLY!) my way down the stairs into the bowels of educational hell. Using tactics usually reserved for slamming people into walls and such, I made my way to the anthropology section. I only had to buy three books for my medical anthropology class...doesn't that make me sound smart?...anyways, since I am still waiting on my stupid loans, I decided that I would only get the books that I need immediately, so I grabbed the rather thin paperback entitled " Understanding Medical Anthropology" and almost vomited when I looked at the barcode. 106.25 frickin' dollars!!!!! Then I had to make my way to the line, surrounded by freaks who don't know the meaning of personal boundaries...then, to top it all off, the cashier was a total cow! ARGH! Stupid U of A! Whatever!


Silicon Phantom Limbs

Here I am, sitting in the dark, typing away. I'm using the laptop, but sitting in the chair I normally use for the other computer. Every so often, I reach down to use the mouse, but the cursor doesn't move. The disconnect is jarring until consciousness and brain stem meet, and I reach for the touchpad.

Not only am I sitting in a room with 3 computers (two of which are running) but I've committed mouse use to muscle memory.

And yet I have a girlfriend.

The law of averages holds again.


War of the Dishes

I don't think that they did anything to deserve it...I say down with Dish terrorism!! The carnage must be stopped! The government of the Republic of Cass has decided to take drastic and controversial measures to put an end to the endless and senseless violence that has befallen our lovely republic. Confiscation of all weapons will begin today at 19:00 hours. There is an extremely complex and involved plan of action in the works, although details are still classified information. Many Dish-rights activist groups are rallying behind the decision of the government, building a following amoungst all citizens. We will continue to update the nation's fight on terrorism as new information is made available.