How Would One Describe HIM?

I have been excessively frustruated in attempting to describe the ineptitude of the manager of my former Cup...and I think I have finally found some adequate descriptives:
*sets low standards and constantly fails to meet them
*works well under constant supervision and when cornered like a rat in a trap...wait, no, not even then...
*he has reached rock bottom..and is beginning to dig...
*has delusions of adequacy
*he would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle
*his employees would follow him anywhere...but only out of morbid curiousity
*not so much of a "hasbeen" as a "neverwillbe"
*i would enjoy going hunting with him...heheh...
*he would argue with a street sign
*he brings great joy whenever he leaves a room..
*donated his brain to science before he was finished using it..
*the gates are down, the lights are flashing...but there's no train coming...
*if he were any dumber he would have to be watered twice a week
Harsh, I know, but honestly, at this point it is warranted. The store has been run into the ground, and now there is a combination of digging and grinding taking place. I feel bad for everyone still working there...and it makes me really sad, because I used to love that store...crazy how time and people change things...


Welcome Smeagol!

Russ and I finally got a car!! It is a cruddy but sturdy old Pontiac 6000, whom we have *lovingly* named Smeagol. Yup. We are giant Dork! So, tomorrow, I start at the new Cup...I'm still hoping for a different job, and I dropped off a few resumes, but for now I'll survive. I hope it doesn't suck. Now, I have to get down to studying for crappy crappy finals...I'm trying to figure out a way to get a semester's worth of reading for 3 classes done in 2 days...sparknotes anyone?? But anyways..I should really get down to business...ugh.


Haweli, Bubble Tea, Reunion, and Last Days...

Last night I went to Haweli for Indian food with Viv, Gretchen, Heidi, Steph, and Erika...SO FUN!!! I love you girls!!! Lots has changed since we last got together, and I would just like to say, Heidi, that I am SO proud of you !! And Viv, I'm SO excited for you!! And Gretchen, DON'T be a stranger!!! And Erika, I love you even though you are crossing over to the Dark Side...Steph, please don't burn out!! We then went to bubble tea, where Arden and Russ joined us...which was so much fun as always...Today was my last shift at Second Cup. *sniff* Scary, exciting and sad...my last official day is April 20th, but I have the next two weeks booked off for finals...my last finals of my last real semester of my BA!! Man...times, they are achangin'...Russ and I are going apartment hunting on Tuesday, which I'm really excited about because this apartment is not an apartment, but rather, a hovel. A hovel that gets crappier by the day. But on the bright side, we are going to go car shopping in Calgary when we go to Olds for Easter! We hope to soon have a beater that will give us freedom from the hell that is ETS...and it shall be called Walmo...because any car that you can get within our price range is doomed to be a Walmo...we can't all have a Francis, after all. Graduation also brings us one step closer to...well, the good life. Here, here, to the good life on the horizon...

Oh. If anyone knows of a job that doesn't involve dealing with coffee, let me know!!


Sayanora Suckers!!

I'M LEAVING THE CUP!!!!! (Of course, I'm starting at another Cup, but it isn't owned by Keith and Jane, and it isn't run by their doofus son, and I'm getting paid better, and I'm bringing people with me!!) Yup. I am so outta there. I can't wait!! It's definitely time for me to go...though I get to miss out on actually working in the store after renos, but there is no freaking way I'm staying there for another month and a half. Chad would turn up dead long before then...But I'll miss working with everyone, so you all have to promise we will still get together a lot!!!!!!!!