Commencing Count-down, Engines On...

Okay, so whoever decided that writing our own vows would be a great idea is an idiot. Oh wait--that would be me!! What was I thinking?!!! Well, I'll tell you what I was thinking..."Oh, it would be so much more personal and wonderful to express our feelings in our own words and make our own promises to each other. How magical!" Until I realized, "Oh Crap!! I have to actually put to paper those personal and wonderful expressions of my feelings in my own words and make those promises to Russ!!! AGH!" Now I'm trying to write them and it no fun at all! I keep wanting to throw in jokes and other inappropriate things that pretty much ruin the entire sentiment of them.

Has anyone watched Friends? It's like a combination of the episode where Joey is going to officiate Monica and Chandler's wedding, and he keeps talking about having and holding and giving and receiving...over and over, and the episode where Monica and Chandler have to write their vows and their relationship doesn't fit into the mold of standard vow writing...needless to say, I wish I was watching those episodes right now instead of trying to make these vows not suck. Normally I would have Russ read them over and check them, but of course, since we decided to not share our vows beforehand, that's not possible, which, I think is adding to the stress. I guess I just have to keep trying and hope that they don't come out lamely.



The strangest form of cold feet???

Russ has been a bit forgetful lately. Don't worry...it's not Alzheimer's, but I joke that it is his form of cold feet, because it seems that all the things forgotten are related to the wedding. Most of it is little stuff, and it's not a big deal, but right now I'm worried, because Russ has lost his ring.
Yup...hasn't even had a chance to wear it yet, and it's already missing.

When we were moving, I told him that we should either put it in the lock box, or take it to my parents' for safe keeping, but no, he had a much better place, and so he put it "somewhere safe". Well, that place turned out to be so safe that no one can find it!!

"Who am I? Who are you? Why am I in a suit? I do what?"