Guinea Pigs

So don't you all feel so special? You get to be the first people ever to read a poem by me. Don't make fun of it because I am very protective of my work and I will be forced to kick your butt. Please understand what a big step this is...That's right. This is one of my favorite ones, because of the bizarre imagery.


Here, in my bed

A screaming sun goddess

Void of bitterness

I live a thousand true moments.

The urging summer petal storms

Pound in my head for eternity.

'Please stop' i ache,

but their delicate pink beauty manipulates my language.

Beneath the frantic chocolate spray,

You glistened among a million blue diamonds

as in a dream.

I am reminded of a long-ago image

stored deep in my subconsciousness

Now brought to light.

Crying, I am

Asleep and dreaming of

Visions of You,


"We are delirious, but not Mad."

So there you have it.


The Conversion...

I feel that it is time for my to explain how the idea for this blog was planted. One of my favorite co-workers one day sent me a link to her blog, Life's Anthems. I read it, and thought it was awesome, just like Erika. I thought that if I could create something even half as cool as the things she has posted, then I'd be in business. Although she is the Scapegoat, in this case, i think, she can take CREDIT, rather than blame. Thanks Erika.

Blast from the Past.

I had a surreal experience the other day...I was at work, grinding beans, and I turned around, and was face-to-face with a character from a different time. Standing there at the counter was Victoria. We used to work together, and would hang out all the time. We had wicked fun...but then she quit and moved back to her parents' place when she found out that she was pregnant, and we drifted apart completely. So we had a brief catch-up chat, but it was busy and so I had to cut it short. But it got me thinking about things back then. I was very very different...I was Crazy Cass! Wild and crazy, but immature in many ways. I've changed a lot, and seeing her kind of made that actually sink in. I first met Russ back then..and all I told him is that he couldn't come out with us anymore because every time he came out with me and my friends, the dj would play crappy crappy music...its a good thing that he looked past that!!!....People that knew me then and now have told me I've changed a lot over the few years, and now, for the past day or two, I've been rolling everything around in my head...Have I changed for the better? I think so. Am I happier? Not necessarily, but definitely more comfortable with myself. I think that I needed to be who I was and experience what I did, to explore myself as well as the rest of the world. I'm sure this sounds completely cliched, but it's true. Its fascinating how one small moment in a "normal" day can ignite something so much bigger...


Thought for the Day...

If knowledge is power, then there are a LOT of powerless people out there...
Why do weird guys always hit on girls at the most rediculous moments? I was on my way to work this morning, bright and freakin' early, and there is this weird guy that delivers the Journal in the neighborhood that I try to avoid, because he's creepy. Anyways, he surprised me by popping out of a building, and starts to talk to me. He asks me if I was going to work at the coffee shop, so I told him I worked in the business next door. He said he's seen me in my uniform, and wonders why I don't work at the coffee shop anymore. I said i was late for work. So he asks if he can take me for--get this--Coffee! this weekend. I said that my boyfriend wouldn't appreciate that at all, and so he says, "Well he doesn't have to know, does he?" with a wink. I said that I would mind and ran off. Not only is he a complete creepo, but he's morally bankrupt too! I warned everyone at the store that he may show up sometime, and for them to tell him that I was dead or something... but I find it rather rediculous that I should have to even worry about such a thing...some people just never get the hint, do they?


You'll Have to Speak Up Sir!

While at work today, I had a sleep-deprivation-induced epiphany: people have not been taught how to speak clearly. (Yes...I know what you are thinking--"it took you THAT long to discover this?!?") There are the people who think that a cell phone will work better if you YELL EVERYTHING YOU SAY INTO THE MOUTHPIECE, as well as the people who talk so quietlyandquicklythatyouhavetohavethemrepeatthemselves...repeatedly. It really bugs me when someone mumbles something, and, upon my request for a repeat, instantly assume that I am of a lower intelligence than they are, and so must. speak. very. slowly. and. emPHAsizedly. (Is that a real word?...asks the English Major...) I wish that there was some delicate way of telling someone that they need to improve their speech delivery...maybe I could start my own card company for the sole purpose of delivering such suggestions "delicately"...Work often induces such nonsensical ponderings...but, alas, you must all suffer them now HAHA!


Testing My Limits?

I'm not sure why I have decided to join the blogdom...perhaps out of boredom, or something else entirely. Perhaps it is a pressing need for new and inventive ways of expressing myself, or some such nonesense, or maybe it is simply a new form of technological self-indulgence...or something entirely different. For now let us say that it is a place for me to "organize" my brain, or to simply vent. So we shall leave it at that...for now...