Ich bin nicht tot.

That's right, kids. I am, in fact, very much alive, contrary to what you may have assumed based on my lack of posts as of late...The new job is going well. I would try to explain what it is that I do, exactly, but it never seems to make much sense...and I'm too lazy to do all that typing...essentially, I process orders. Have only had one problem with Smeagol, but only because he was being a moody whiner...apparently, it got too cold for him one day, and he refused to start. So Russ took out the battery, trickle-charged it, put it back in, and he started as if nothing happened. I've been busy, yet devastatingly bored--I desperately need to get out and have some fun. Other than that, not much is new...


Why We Can NEVER Understand American Politics....

SO many things wrong with this...check out the full explanation for this abomination at Andrew Sullivan's blog.


Late-Night Greetings.

Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I hope it brings good health, happiness, excitement, etc, etc!!