Stupid Society! (Warning: Venting to Follow...)

This weekend was a wedding planning weekend. I headed down to Olds to meet with the florist and to help my mom finish up the invites, so that we can get them in the mail. I'm very pleased with how they have turned out, but less than pleased with the fact that we ended up doing them all on our own, after having been promised help. It seems that some are so eager to offer their services, but then, when you actually need them....nothing. Oh well, I'll never be able to thank my mom enough for all the time and work she's put into everything!

I'm quite excited about the flowers. I went into the meeting with a few ideas for flowers, only to discover that every single flower I had picked out will be out of season by time August rolls around. I think we figured out some really sweet alternatives that I think will work out really well. The only issue was that I definitely don't want "wedding-y" looking arrangements, and my mom and the florist had more traditional ideas. After a bit of talking, and going through a bunch of books, we finally all came to an agreement for some really fun, unique arrangements, which won't look at all "wedding-y". :)

I knew that I would probably have to justify some of my choices regarding the wedding, as they tend to not always fit the norm, which can be exhausting sometimes. "Why don't I want a big diamond?" " Are we going to replace the ruby with a diamond when we can "afford it"?" "Are you really going to wear RED shoes?!" And so on... The thing is, that now it's to the point where I am getting all stressed out about things, because I don't want to deal with the questions about them! I know I shouldn't give a crap about what others think, and generally I don't, but sometimes it gets to me. Stupid wedding reality tv is ruining everything for real people!! I don't want to feel like I have to justify my decisions regarding our wedding. It's our day, and if people have a problem with any of the elements involved in it, that's their problem, not mine, but I would be lying if I said it didn't bother me sometimes, though...

Oh well. I know that it will be an amazing day, and none of that other stuff will matter. Plus...the invites are done, and they look awesome!!


If April Showers Bring May Flowers...

...then what the heck do April blizzards bring?! The weather has been seriously schizo these last couple of weeks. It went from being 20c last Sunday, to -12c and blizzarding this Saturday. I just don't get it. Stupid global warming...ruining everything...
All I can say is that I am absolutely sick of winter, and ready for spring!! No MORE SNOW!!
OoooOOOoo!! As I was just typing that, the sun came out! I think I shall take that as a sign of things taking a turn for the better, weather-wise. Then again...we do live in Alberta...

Maybe I will take a trek out to go to the jeweler's to see the wax of my wedding band. Oh wait...they close in 5 minutes. Crap. Oh well...more time to try to decide between a ruby accent or a moissanite one. Any opinions?

Happy Earth Day, everyone!


Surreal Awakening

Have you ever had that creepy feeling, when you're asleep, that there is a spider on your leg or something in your hair? Well, this morning, I had this feeling that there was something brushing along the top of my head and along my face. I woke up, and looked over to see a snake slithering it's way along my head.

Silly me! I'm not awake yet!! I should wake up now! I think.


I AM awake. That's not a snake...it's the cord from the Christmas lights that frame the window above the bed. But if it's the cord, why is it moving?!

It is at this point I begin freaking out, and wake up Russ.

"What THE HECK IS THAT?! SERIOUSLY!" I'm beginning to hyperventilate.

Russ grabs his handy dandy flashlight that he keeps by the bed, because he's ever-so cool, and shines it on the moving cord...which is, in fact, a freakin' SNAKE.

The snake had slithered in through radiator pipes, and since we have a futon, it ended up on my pillow, rather than under a bed, if we had had a real one. Russ, being the hero that he is, grabbed the snake and put it in a cooler until we found a cardboard box to put it in. He put the box by the mailboxes with the following note taped to the top:




The box remained unclaimed. I was leaving to meet a friend for lunch, when the crazy guy from across the hall comes out and asked if I knew what was in the box. I told him it was a snake. He said I couldn't leave it there because someone would trip on it. I said it wasn't mine, and not my responsibility, because it was enough that we didn't freak out and kill it or throw it outside. As we were talking, the girl from upstairs shouts down, "Did you find a snake?!" I said yes, and she came running down asking where it was, so I grabbed the box and handed it to her. She apologized profusely and thanked us for not freaking out and killing it. She said it was very friendly and doesn't bite. I just hope it wasn't dead after sitting in a box by the door for hours.

And, so that is the strange story of the snake on my pillow.


Could Someone Please Explain...

...the Barbie car phenomenon?? I have now seen three different vehicles around town this week with the Barbie logo in vinyl on the back window! And none of the cars were pink--one was a beat up looking army green-coloured pick up truck. I'm so confused.

I've been so exhausted these last few weeks. Moving into an assistant manager position definitely has it's perks, but it is also a LOT more work and responsibility. I feel like I'm completely starting over, and sometimes I wish that I had been with the company longer, and had a better grasp on the basics before having to learn everything else...but on the flip side, I totally dig the challenge!
I just wish I wasn't trying to plan a wedding as well...thank goodness for my family, without whom I would definitely be LOST! Whenever I get stressed thinking about work or wedding planning...I just remember that in 4 months, 6 days, and 17.5 hours, we will be married! And then, in 4 months, 7 days, and 11ish hours, we will be on our way to Hawaii!!!



Seriously, I am so addicted to Etsy.com! It's a fabulous site where you can buy and sell all things handmade. I could spend hours browsing...and have. In fact, I found this beautiful necklace that I hope will match my wedding dress. The artisan who made it was absolutely wonderful to do business with, and I recommend that you all check out her stuff!!
An added bonus to getting a gorgeous necklace, she donates a portion of her profits to breast cancer research, being a survivor herself. On top of that, she included, as a free gift, these gorgeous earrings that perfectly match the necklace. It's so great because I was trying to find some earrings that would match, and to no avail.
So go! Browse! Fall in as much like with etsy as I have!


A Way With Words...

Have you ever noticed that some people have a way of making the most pedestrian, everyday things seem magical and epic? I have such a hard time turning my everyday experiences into some sort of lesson or pondering, which is why I hardly ever post. I feel like things are boring for ME, so why would anyone else want to read about it?? That's not me being self-deprecating, just honest and practical. Since I'm pretty sure that no one reads this anyways, that's all fine and dandy...but if someone does happen to stumble across this little blog, I don't want to bore them to tears! So, I could post everyday, about everyday things...or I could post once in a while, when inspiration strikes. Or, I could attempt to do both. I do want to post more...perhaps I'll just start typing and hope something decent comes out of it...

On a side note, hooray for RED wedding shoes!!


Thought-Provoking Talk.

I am up way too late, but working late shifts has thrown me back into my night-owl ways. I was catching up on the latest David Usher blog posts, and came across a link that he had posted for a talk given by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard neuroanatomist, in which she describes her experience of having a stroke. It is incredibly thought provoking, and I thought I would share.