Hugs for everyone! They're free, come an' gettem while they're still hot and I still feel like givin' them!


Strange Birds.

Just thought that I would let you all know that the new David Usher CD, "Strange Birds" is absolutely, ridiculously, unfreakin' believably AMAZING!!!!! LOVE IT!!! BUY IT so you can love it like me!!! That is all. Oh yeah...happy first day of spring, which arrived in a hail/snow storm. Awesome.


Bucket o' Pics

Hey kids! Just thought I'd let ya know that I started up a photobucket page, and there are some pics of some of you in there!! The link is on the side, in the links column, so check it, yo!


Ich hasse alles.

Ever had one of those days where you just want to go around shouting and smashing and lighting people on fire and throwing rocks at their cars? Well, for some reason, that's how I feel right now, and I'm not quite sure why...maybe it has something to do with the fact that I haven't gotten a proper night's sleep in over two weeks...stupid insomnia. Stupid everything...blargh.


Hey Kids! What are you rocking for?

So the new David Usher album, Strange Birds, comes out on March 20, and the video, for his single The Music, is up on his website. I cannot wait for this album!! He's also coming to the Urban Lounge on April 4, and 5...the crappy thing being that I'm working evenings that week!! Hopefully Shila will switch one shift with me so that I can go...because...well, you all know how much I love David. On a different musical note, Korn's unplugged album is coming out on Tuesday, and I really want to get it, because it's just so different! You can check out their unplugged version of Freak On a Leash featuring Amy Lee on their website. On a side note...I'm not really a charlatan..but it was a fun quiz...