Born to Be a City Girl...in a Small Town...Bigger than Olds...

So today is my first full day in the bustling metropolis of Cold Lake. It is my first-ever visit to anywhere more north than Edmonton...and I haven't even been to Northern Edmonton...I'm chillin' with Russ's family, and having a pretty good time. Today Russ is going to be taking me out on the town, which should be interesting...
Tiny bit of trivia-there is no Bank of Montreal in Cold Lake. Actually, the closest one is in Wainwright...so now we have to find a bank so we can deposit our money so that we can pay rent...or else the crazy landlord will kick us out. Oh well...Russ is putting on pants now, because if he goes to the bank without pants, i think that they will ask us to leave, even if we tell them that he needs money so that he can buy pants...or something...but yes. I'm off to have fantastic adventures here by the lake that is cold...


Merry Boxing Day!

So, another Christmas is in the bag...and I came out with a pretty good haul!! Now, if only I can make it through New Year's and finding a new job, then life will truly be sweet.



Sooooooo...it's...2:51am...and i'm still up. Why, you may ask, is Cass still up? Well, you guessed it! Her good friend Insomnia is back, with a vengence! I'm frickin' tired!! I stayed up until 1am yesterday to study for my classics 302 final...then i got up at 9am this morning to do more studying...i went to school at 12pm to do more studying...then i wrote my exam. Then i came home, exhausted, wanting desperately to sleep...and proceeded to lay in bed for an hour and a half, trying to sleep. No dice. So i watched a couple of movies, taking a break from studying (which i shall be doing all day tuesday and wednesday) and now, it's 3am, and i desperately want to sleep...but i CAN'T!!! I have been dealing with this since i was 12, but i had it under control for a while...now, since i'm stressed, and my body needs sleep, it refuses to sleep. Yup. Good times had by all. I'm gonna go lay in bed for a while, and try to beat my tired brain into submission...hopefully i'll have enough left to finish writing my finals...if not, i will be the girl on the news whose head exploded. Maybe my family could sue the school...weep...oh man! I have GOT to sleep!!! Wish me luck....



So here I am...procrastinating...i really should be writing the last three pages of my paper...because it has to be done today....and it isn't...but i opened this morning (i forgot how much i love morning shifts!) and i took a nap, and got some groceries, and did some dishes, and cleaned the bathroom, and had some lunch, and watched an episode or three of CSI:miami...and now its 6 and i STILL have three pages to write...all i want to do is watch CSI and play with my new laptop!! I named it tomato for now...it's ever so pretty! i really should get that paper done, because i have three finals next week, and i have to do all the reading for each class that i didn't do throughout the second half of the semester....because i procrastinated....i think tomorrow i'm going to do what Rebecca did and just go to the Cup and set up camp. But first i have to put some music on my computer, because it has none, which is sad. maybe i'll do that now...and then i'll have some supper...and then i'll finish my paper...or go see russ at work...which ever will be less productive...argh!! Okay. I'm going to finish my paper now...and i'll just put CSI on in the background. Yeah. I'm gonna do that....


Not Doing Homework Really Pays Off After All!

Today I was carrying around $2195.96 worth of cheques in my bookbag...don't worry...I didn't rob a store...Russ and I both received the Jason Lang Scholarship!! Yup. I'm $1000 richer. Apparently I had an average higher than 3.3 from last year. I don't remember doing any work, so I'm not sure how I managed that...but I'm not going to complain...
Yay. Money. I'm buying me a laptop. Yay.
That's all I have to say. I have to go to work soon. Yay.


And She Gave Him Hand-Payment...heheh...

Last night was so much fun!! I seriously have not laughed so hard for so long in such a long time! I laughed so hard that a tapioca pearl almost came out of my NOSE!! Steph, Arden, Erika, Alissa, Marian and I decided to go for chinese food in honour of Arden's last day at the Cup. We embarassed Steph at the resturant because we were pretty much the only white people in there, and we were pretty hyper, and fairly loud. But we had a blast! Afterwards, Arden and Erika took off because Erika had to finish a paper, so the rest of us went and picked up Sandra and went to Dream Tea, where we proceeded to embarass Steph some more...it was awesome! I can't wait for our slumber party! We have to build a fort!!

Look at these clowns! Arden, Erika, Stephy, Alissa and Marian after a ridiculously hilarious evening of expensive chinese food...


I Hate It. I Hate My Job. I Hate It.

I do. I really really hate my job. I don't want to do it anymore. I've reached the point when enough is enough. I'm getting screwed in terms of pay, as in, the brand-new people are getting paid 50 cents less than I am. I hate the customers. I hate the stupid broken store. I love the people I work with...but that's not enough anymore...
There's only one problem with quitting though, and that is that I am still in school, and I need the flexibility that the store offers, especially since I have weird availability...and I need almost all of December off. Plus, this is the worst time to look for a new job because anyone who is hiring is only hiring for Christmas...so yeah...I guess I have to stick it out for a while longer...but OH MAN! Do I ever HATE my job!!!


Bad People...

Does it make me a bad person that I think it's hilarious that someone who I used to know, who pretty much screwed me over, is now fat? And has an unattractive boyfriend? Yes. I'm a bad person..but sometimes being a bad person is so good...for example, as a bad person, you have the ability to tell people exactly what you think of them...and they can't get angry, because, well, let's face it, you're a bad person, so what you say is of course going to be bad. It's implied in the title: "Bad Person". It's right there. Yup. I'm not really a bad person...most of the time, although some people (who shall remain nameless...i know who you are....) might say differently. Surprisingly enough, though, I CAN be a good person too. This morning at the bus stop, I let this really elderly old man with a cane on before me, because, well, lots of university students are real jerks about giving the elderly people their seats on the bus. In fact, I really hate that so many people have absolutely no sense of social decency when it comes to basic courtesy! Like those people who sit behind me in one of my lectures and gossip the whole time! Really, just because you whisper does NOT mean that no one else can hear you! Or those really mouthy teens who lip off pretty much anyone and everyone. Or those zombie shoppers who slam into you in the mall and are completely unphased...or those scary stroller mommies who try to plow you down with their stupid gimoungous Mercedes stroller piled up with lulu lemon bags or whatever the crap they buy...I think that everyone needs to learn some manners...I haven't read the book yet, but the author of "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" just came out with a new book on society's lack of manners...
Now, I get to go to work and deal with more people with no manners and the creepy CREEPY sleepers......Also, is it weird that it bothers me that in the new film based on the book "Memoirs of Geisha" has a Chinese girl playing the main, JAPANESE character???


#1 Fan.

Everyone knows how much I love David Usher. He put out a dvd. I preordered it online. It came in the mail. It was one of 100 signed copies. I have an autographed David Usher dvd. I am happy.


I'm Getting Old...I Fear Change...

First of all, I would just like to say that Steph sucks, because she is leaving me. Secondly, I would also like to say that I think that I am probably one of the least-surprised people to hear about Bree and Adam. Thirdly, Erika put me number one on her list, so I shall honour her request and compile my own.

Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. Go to London with Russ and to Switzerland with Yvonne, as well as travel all over the world.
2. Get married and have ridiculously adorable AND intelligent children.
3. Write something fantastic. It doesn't even have to be published, or widely read....and maybe I could design the cover too...
4. Own/Run my own business...maybe a coffee house (without nazis)/salon/gallery/beatnik hangout...
5. Go to Sephora in New York. (And maybe catch some cool open mike nights in The Village...)

Things I Can Do

1. Make the best latte. It's all about the crema.
2. Paint/Write/be artsy, especially with my stick people and the Casshead Army.
3. Make someone cry using only my words. (Is that necessarily a good thing??)
4. Apply makeup like a pro.
5. Make someone laugh so hard they stop breathing...and almost pee their pants.

Things I Can't Do

Remember where I put my keys, ipod, wallet, earrings, cds, boyfriend, etc....................
2. Be organized.
3. Anything remotely associated with athletics (which includes walking...)
4. Hide my feelings.
5. Resist the urge to make fun of someone, including myself...(but not in a mean way...)

Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex

1. Intelligence and wit.
2. Honesty (even if I think I don't want it...)
3. Boyish good looks, including great hair, even when he thinks it isn't.
4. Thoughtfulness, and willingness to accept me for who I am, even though he knows that I'm actually crazy...
5. Keen sense of style...ahem.

Celebrity Crushes

1. David Usher.
2. James Black.
3. Johnny Depp.
4. Bruce Willis.
5. Gabriel Byrne.
6. Colin Firth.

People I Want to Do This Next

1. Russ.
2. Yvonne.
3. Steph.
4. Alissa.

nd now it is finished, I'm full of turkey, and I need to do homework tomorrow since I did nothing all weekend...ah...Thanksgiving...

Blog Spamming Rage!!!!!

Okay. I've kept my mouth shut long enough. I have had this blog for over a year, and all of a sudden, we, in bloggerdom have been ambushed by a rash of irritating blog comment spammers!!!
This is for all you spammers: if you read my blog and think it's "interesting/cool/wonderful/any other pathetic flowery adjective", and you have to post a link to your completely irrelevent blog, I will HUNT YOU DOWN AND DESTROY YOU.



"Happiness is like peeing your pants....everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth!"
Whenever I am having a really crappy day, I try to remember this wonderful quote that my bestest friend Yvonne once wrote in my grade 11 yearbook...and you can't help but smile whenever you think of it...
Happiness is also finally getting your Victoria's Secret shipment that the retarded mailperson gave to Alissa "in C" rather than me, in "E", even though it was clearly marked "apt. E"...but that doesn't matter, because I now smell like "Vanilla Lace"...mmmmmMMMMmmmmm.....


Shopaholics Anonymous

Hi. I'm Cassandra, and I'm a shopaholic. Well, an online shopaholic, to be precise. I can't stop myself. I find all of these deliciously alluring products, and with a few clicks of a mouse, and a few weeks later, they are delivered to my door. No battling the zombie mall people, scary salespeople, or idiots who don't know what they are doing and shouldn't be allowed to breed. I should start a support group. Or is there one already? But if I started my own, then only the cool kids could join...Okay, maybe it's not only online purchasing...I don't have a closet full of clothing with tags still attached, but, um...have you seen my makeup CASE lately?? It's pretty bad when the sales girls at MAC recognize you, and have a pretty good idea of what you already own...the thing is, is that since I always do different things with my makeup, I do use it all. Hmm...come to think of it, I do have a closet full of shoes that I should deal with...And...how many winter jackets does one person need? Okay, you guys, I have a problem. I do. I fully admit it. I just bought a scent collection of products from Victoria's Secret..."Vanilla Lace"...mmmmmmmmm...I can't wait! Yup. Not only am I a music junkie and a movie junkie, but I'm also a beauty product junkie. (Russ or my sisters or Steph or Rebecca could vouch for that) Man. Well, in classic junkie fashion, here's where I start pointing fingers at others...You know who you are. So I say, Shopaholics...UNITE!! Maybe we could fight crime...



What a lovely name....yes...so, in case you haven't noticed, there are a couple of links along the side of my blog. I would like to recommend that you all visit Making Fiends, because it is awesome. Yes. I am Vendetta. Seriously, do you think that I would be a bad person if I named my first-born Vendetta? I think it's pretty! Also, since we all know that I am the Queen of the Rant, I really enjoy Ill Will Press's Neurotically Yours. It is so good! If you start to miss me, and need to be ranted at...or weirded out, or just plain amused, check it out. I think all the Cuppies would appreciate both "Coffee House Propaganda" and "Small, Medium, Large". I will warn you though, there is a great deal of profanity, so if that bothers you, suck it up. Yes. Now. Must. Sleep. or will fall assleeeeppp in stupid Anthro class........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thought for the Day...

"Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is. " Ecclesiastes 10:3


Chaos Theory.

You'd think that after 3 years at U of A, I would have learned that you DON"T go to the bookstore in the first few days of school. If anyone has seen Shaun of the Dead, and remember the scene with all the zombies in front of the Winchester, that was how the bookstore was today. It was the worst I have ever seen!! No one seemed to understand the concept of lining up down the aisles, and instead clumped all over around the actual lines. Ugh. On the bright side of things, my profs aren't jerks, and most of my reading material is available online!! Which, for Cass, equals WAY less money spent on books!! And way fewer books to lug around!!! Hooray!!


Mopey McGee...

Cass is feeling a bit melancholy today...notice the mopey blue text? Yup...So school starts on Wednesday. Whoo. Not really excited, but it will be nice to not be working 24/7...however, horror of horrors, Cass will no longer be opening on week days anymore :( I really don't mind closing, but I have told some of the regulars, and they were already having anxiety attacks. Anyone who has worked in the morning at the Cup can understand...the morning people FEAR change. SERIOUSLY! And since I have been opening for the last decade or so, (Cass isn't at ALL prone to exaGGErATION...) me closing will throw off the delicate homeostasis of Cup mornings. Plus, Cindy gets stuck working with the new kids on the block...who aren't all bad...except for that one chick, and I'm pretty sure you all know who I'm referring to...(hint: not Corntree...) But yes. Mope.


The Curse.

Russ and I have decided, that as soon as we graduate, we are buying a condo. Why, you may ask, have we decided this? Well, let me tell you...so that we can escape the Curse of psycho landlords!!! On Thursday, we had the landlord call us up and yell at us because we haven't unpacked yet, meaning that our apartment is full of boxes. He said it was a fire hazard. Also, because there are some dirty dishes on the counter, apparently it is a health hazard as well. On top of that, he accused us of taking a hammer to the front door, which is ironic because, firstly, we don't own a hammer, and secondly, because we mentioned the damage before we even moved in, and he said that he would replace the door...yeah. So when I called him back to find out how, exactly, we could unpack things when we had no storage locker, which he had promised to assign to us, before we moved in. He started swearing at me, and so I simply said that the apartment was not an f**king mess, and he responded with "Now you're f**king swearing at me??!!! Well I'm going to evict your sorry ass!" and proceeded to hang up. Now, since we have been screwed around a number of times, we have the tenant/landlord Act pretty much memorized. He could try to evict us, but since we have not damaged the apartment, and since we unpacked some stuff and did some dishes, he really can't do anything. I'm pretty sure he was just having a bad day because the fire inspectors came by to inspect the bedroom windows in the building to see if they were up to code, and they aren't, and that is the landlord's responsiblity, and so he decided to take his frustruation out on us. Ugh. What an uneducated wank.


The Sisters!! Christine, Cher, me and Caryn.

Sister Act II

A couple of weeks ago, my baby sis Cher came up to Etown to stay with her big sisters, and we had a blast!!! And then, when the time came for her to return to Olds, I went as well, because it was our parents' 25th wedding anniversary, and we had a big open house planned. (It went well, even though the scrapbook that i was putting together as their gift was finished at 3am the night before!!) And during the week that I spent in Olds, got to sleep in Cher's room on a mattress on the floor because all the bedrooms were full, but it was great, because it was like a two week long slumber party! When I returned to Etown, i was homesick, and missed Cher, because we had just spent over two weeks together every day...and now she's coming up to stay for a few days!! I get to take her back-to-school shopping at west ed, and i'm so excited!! My other sister Caryn is coming up too, so we will all get to be together before Caryn heads to Winnipeg to school. That's gonna be weird, because I won't get to see her until she comes home for Christmas. .. But yeah.
Look out Edmonton, cause here come the Wheeler sisters!!


Robots and Robots and Robots, oh my!

Russ here...
Just got Gundam vs Zeta Gundam for my PS2. It's an overload of robotic goodness.

That's right. A robot... with a sword and shield. That got no more than 7 minutes of screen time. And this game has it... as a playable unit.

Too bad Cass isn't around to appreciate the beauty of it.


Rainy Days Make Me Smile.

For some reason or another, I really enjoy rainy days. Maybe it's the farm girl in me, or perhaps it caters to my meloncholy, but in any case I just love rain. Especially when it's not super windy, and the rain is steady and lasts all day. It's the perfect kind of weather to curl up on the couch with a good book and a warm blanket, because doing that when it snows means that you are there because it is too freakin' cold out to do anything else. I grew up in the country, and so I have always loved to go to sleep listening to the rain on the roof. In the city, it is much harder to enjoy that sound with all the sounds of the city going on in the background. I just wish it was possible to bottle the smell of freshly-rained-on earth. I would wear it everyday, and my house would smell like it too...fresh, clean, and green. Yup. That would be swell.


My Birthday.

Today is my 23rd birthday. Man, do I feel old...I know that I'm not, but still...
It was a quiet day today. Russ and I went to the mall, for about 1/2 hr. because it was so stupidly busy. Then Russ took me to Gabbana for supper, which was soo good!!! Then we went and bought a lemon cream shortcake, and watched the movie Billy Elliot (which is such a great movie!) My parents called from somewhere in Montana (on their way home from Texas), which was nice because I hadn't been able to talk to them for about 10 days. I really wish that I didn't have to work 7 open shifts in a row this week...it kind of puts a damper on my freaking out over how much stuff I have to get done before the middle of August...but...I also need the money so that I don't have move again...but yes. Today is my birthday, so happy birthday to me.


The Universe is Against Me!

So I have discovered where my missing David Usher merchandise is...you know the psycho at the Albany? Well, two days after we had moved out, my parcel was "received" at the Albany. That cow STOLE MY PARCEL !! That's tampering with federal mail! That's ILLEGAL!!!!!! SO ILLEGAL!!!


We took a cab to the University, then walked home across the high level bridge...and this picture turned out really well.

The Band.

I've got a lot of these...

The band.

I love David Usher.

That's right...digital cameras are great...and were allowed at the concert!!


The concert last night was absolutely amazing!!!! It never ceases to amaze me just how talented David Usher is! Russ and I were standing right at the front, against the stage, just off center. In some ways, he sounds better live than recorded. There is just so power and range in his voice. They did three encores, which was great, and he didn't just do songs from the new album, but also a couple of Moist songs, as well as classics from his other albums, such as Black Black Heart, F Train, St Lawrence River, Blinded, and Alone in the Universe. Ahh...so so SO GOOD!!!! Of course, there were some morons there, and for the first 20 min, I was sandwiched between a sweaty fat chick, and a boney drunk chick who was actually leaning on me because she was having trouble standing up. Russ got a "backrub" by some creepy chick who was probably on E or something, and some creepy drunk guy half humped his leg...in an effort to hump the chick next to him, who was practically sitting on his hip. It was really cool standing in line, because everyone around us were also hardcore David Usher fans, and so we shared weird experiences from past concerts, like drunken dancing mommy at K-Days a few years ago, and the weird hippy old lady who was tripping on acid and dancing as one would have at Woodstock...it was so fun!! We were going to get our picture taken by the photographer for the website...but we were caught in the flow after the concert was over, and so left right away to avoid getting trampled. Luckily, our cab drivers were good and didn't get confused as to our destination. (Always stick to Coop Taxi!) All in all, it was an awesome night!!! Definitely worth the wait!!



Man...that last post was so whiny...what a big whiner...anyways...


Stupid Cupper Clique!

So...I have come to the devistating realization that I am out of the Second Cup clique...and it makes me kind of sad...in more ways than one. I used to always do things with everyone...but now...I never hear about anything until after the fact...this makes me sad, because a) I consider my co-workers my friends, and b) because my co-workers are my supposed friends...
I know...i'm being a loser, but still, I do still enjoy going for bubble tea, or going for wings, or going for dinner, or whatever, but it seems that I have been shunned. Hm. Perhaps I am just being more paranoid than usual, as has been the case recently...
That's fine though. Y'all all are jerks anyways...besides on Friday, I get to work with Steph and Rebecca! Yay! Then it's back to stupid Courtney all weekend...but then, on sunday, DAVID USHER! AND HE BETTER NOT BE SICK THIS TIME!!
Anyways, enough self-pity...I have to go get photos developed for the scrapbook that I am putting together for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. Don't get reprints at London Drugs! They charge 59 cents a reprint, and Save-On-Foods only charges 27 cents!


So this is Summer....

So it's July now...and I've been at some stage of moving for...oh...about 3 freakin' months now!!!! Now if we had a car, we would be done in one day...but since we are moving, we can't afford a car! Seriously, what is going on in the UNIVERSE??!! Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy new surroundings as much as the next chick, but really, this is just getting ridiculous!!
I'm thinking that perhaps it is time to break down and rent a u-haul. Yup. Me and Russ. Packin' a U-haul. Oh man. How fun. I am, however, excited because I put up curtains in the new place, and they are so cute!!! RAINBOW CURTAINS!! YAY!!! whoa. Got a little carried away there...geez...there must be something in the water. Or Wasser, as the case (feminine, I think) may be...stupid German. Why is it that the most interesting thing in my life right now is me moving...AGAIN!??!!! So Russ, about my birthday....


Family Reunions...

This weekend Russ and I went to Olds for my family reunion. It was pretty fun, despite the fact that it rained almost all day, and there were about 30 kids limited to the small gym as far as playing areas...but it was pretty cool. I saw a lot of family that I haven't seen in 5 or 6 years...it's hard to believe so many of my cousins have kids now!! We looked at old photo albums of my great grandparents and stuff, which was really interesting. As far as being in Olds...it was good to get out of the city, and it was nice to see my family, but I'm glad to be home. Except, I HATE Greyhound buses!!!
I'm slightly bitter...my parents and my youngest sister Cher get to go visit my aunt and uncle and cousins this summer...in Texas!! I want to go!! Too bad I'm always moving and thus have no money, otherwise I would SO be going to Texas!! I haven't seen my two cousins Beth and Brenda in about 10 years, and they both have kids now!! Oh well..not much I can do...except whine and complain, that is...
Also, I added Russ's blog to my list...which means that he needs to start posting!!!

Mark and Jana's husband Dan, observing the relay. I'm sure Dan is so proud...

A bunch of my cousins and my cousins' kids at the reunion.

My cousin Jana demonstrates the ideal technique for the obstacle relay race.

My sister Cher and our cousin Mark.

My sister Caryn and our new cousin Tyric...He is so cute!


I'm going to KILL the Genetic Defect Downstairs!!!!

ARGH! The jerk-wad downstairs has fricken' surround sound on his stupid tv, and has been watching crappy crap for a week, but only after 8pm, and before 10am!!!!! It sounds like thunder, and the whole apartment VIBRATES!!!! AAARGH! TOO MUCH RAGE AND STUPIDITY FOR ONE DAY!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!! I'M TURNING INTO A GIANT BALL OF RAGE!!!!! StUPID PEOPLE!! NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BREED!! bah.

Um... Alanis Morrissette is WHAT?!!!

Have you ever met someone who's very existence irritates you to your very CORE, who is so abrasive that you seriously consider lighting them on FIRE just to find repose???? Well, I worked with that person today. Let me tell you, to say that it was no picnic would be like saying that Mount Everest is high.
I have never heard so much inane, vapid chatter in my entire LIFE!!! Just shut UP! And the crap that came spewing out of her mouth...SERIOUSLY!!!
Apparently, the Cup is not haunted by a ghost, as we have believed. APPARENTLY, it is haunted by...drumroll please...Jesus. Yes. That's right. Jesus is haunting Second Cup, because, apparently, He doesn't have anything better to do. And-GET THIS-it is all because of the Communist cookies! Because the raspberry stars apparently have a political affiliation. She then proceeds to tell me that she doesn't like Alanis because she thinks that she is God. Why, you may ask, does Alanis think she is God? Because she played God in Dogma. Playing a role in a movie now apparently makes you into that role! Its so sad though, because by the end of the shift, I was openly insulting her, and she DIDN'T GET IT!! She called a customer a GRUMPIPUSS !!!!! She told another couple, who was sitting on a couch, talking and holding hands, to GET A ROOM!!! They weren't regulars, she just randomly does things like that!!!
I guess you learn something from each experience in life...today I learned restraint...BAH.



German is done. ForEVER. Now it will all fall out of my head. Hooray.


We Got It!

So we are moving...again...but now we will be neighbours with Alissa! (Heheh...sucks to be Alissa...) We got the apartment, and we get to move in in July. I don't want to move, but moving into there will be very cool! Hardwood floors, fireplace, creepy laundary room, probably haunted...does it get any better?
Before we move, I need to downsize my collection of crap...I am such a packrat, and we had no time to downside before the first move. This apartment has less storage, so it gives me a good reason to get rid of lots of junk...my mom is so proud...


AH!! BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So. Who wants to help us move? And does anyone know where we can live? I am checking to see if Alissa's building still has that one apartment for rent...if not...CRAP!

So sei es.

So my cool friend Katie, who is a pyrotechnician (she blows things up...) is moving to Calgary tomorrow. *sniff* And she is having a goodbye thing tonight...and I CAN'T go!! I'm pretty choked...stupid not-having-a-car...bah. Stupid work...whatever.

I am so freakin' sick of GERMAN! If I have to read one more stupid subjunctive phrase again, I'm going to light the textbook on fire! FIRE! I really don't mind closing shifts at work...but I feel like I am totally out of the loop in the socialialites of the Cup...thats right, SOCIALITIES! (I'm an English major, and I can make up my own words if I wanna!!)
Man am I depleted...I could curl up into a ball in a dark room and sleep for a month. That would be awesome...no work, no German, no nothing. Just sweet sweet sleep. The apartment is starting to actually look homey, even though there are still boxes everywhere...These two are the only ones that could be presentable so far...

The bathroom...I have a Stitch infatuation...

The living room...it'll look much nicer once its actually unpacked and clean...which won't happen until we are done german...in only 5 days...


Weapons-Grade Sucktonium

Yeah. Russ here. I actually have posting rights here, due to a gross oversight by management. Anyways, I am going to be so happy when my German class is over (suffering it along with Cass) As for the general state of everything... really, not too bad.

-German will last a finite (and ever-diminishing) time.
-Finances decreasing at a predictable rate, but put me in no danger of cat-food burritos.


Hier wird Deutsch vorlesen...schlecht.

If anyone tells you that taking 6 credits of reading German in 6 weeks is a good idea, RUN AWAY SCREAMING!!!!!! So German is not an easy language to read and translate. First of all, it has bloody genders, like French...who cares if the sun is masculine, or if the chair is feminine?? Really! It also has a case system. Four cases. ARGH! German is hard! Yup...and I have a midterm on Monday. A two and a half hour long MIDTERM. Yup. Maybe I should buy the german Glamour to practice....heh. I can't wait be done,to be able to return to opening shifts...although, i forgot that closing isn't bad, because its much more lax than a morning shift...maybe I'll just close once in a while.

I worked with Emily last night, and after close, we decided to put in some good music. So Emily, being the cool chick she is, pulls out her CD wallet and puts in Nightwish, which can be described as operatic metal...and man, oh man, they rock!! I totally got hooked! Which isn't that surprising, because I'm a serious music junkie...the mp3 collection on our computer has over 4000 songs!!!
So if anyone needs music, I'm the girl to talk to.

The date for the make up concert with DAVID USHER FINALLY was posted...he's coming back on July 17th...right before my birthday! (Although I'm pretty sure that it isn't scheduled then because of that...) I'm still waiting for his CD that I PREORDERED to show up...it was ordered over a month ago. I emailed them and they still haven't responded...so I have had to be content with downloading the album for now...but it's just not the same.



So Christine and I made it out of there safely, with the help of Russ's goon friends and withstanding hurtling obsenities from Jabba the Hutt...and I now have a new home. It is cozy, and has pretty red curtains! I love Ikea.
The oppressors at the Cup have now deemed U2 to be "too wild" and that the tone of music that we want is "mellow"... as in "i-just-swallowed-three-bottles-of-valium-and-tried-to-drown-myself-in-the-shower" mellow...or as Alissa says, "fall-asleep-and-drool-on-your-shoulder" mellow. So now all new mixes must be approved by one of the oppressors...which means that Cass has to take all of her mixes, pick out the "appropriately mellow" songs, and build new "mellow" mixes...stupid mellow...
It's all because of the oppression...jerks...



I haven't been able to post in a while...stupid school...but on the ninth Russ and I went to the David Usher concert! However....the concert was at Union Hall, which is on 62ave and 99st. So we took the bus to Southgate to save cab fare. Normally I go with Co-op because they don't suck, but we were in a hurry and went with Yellow Cab, who I hate. The retard cab driver took us back to the University!! We told him that we wanted to go to Union Hall, and he thought we meant SUB! Then he got mad at US for not telling him we meant Union Hall the club!! So a 9 dollar cab ride cost us 13 dollars instead! Then we got there, and the guy standing in front of us in line looked really familiar, but I couldn't figure out who he was. It turned out that it was a guy that I went to high school with and was in art class with, who I hadn't seen in 6 years! So that was cool...
The opener was a very talented 18 year old, but he was way too "matchbox twenty" for my tastes...then, finally...the love of my life, David Usher came on stage...*swoon*...
And announced that he was sick and couldn't sing. He didn't want to cancel the show because he hoped that he would be able to perform, but couldn't. I have a lot of respect for him because he didn't send some guy out to tell us, but it still sucked. Anyways...they handed out vouchers and he is coming back sometime in may...
At least his new album comes out April 26... "If God Had Curves"...can't wait!!!!


God Really Smiled on ME Today!

So on Mon, Wed, Fri, I have my Shakespeare class. Yesterday after class, my prof. caught me on my way out, and asked if I could have a meeting with him before next class, in regards to my paper that was due on Monday. So of course, I start instantly freaking out, in the wonderful way that I always do. I made a meeting with him for today @ 3pm. I spent all last night freaking out, fretting, going over my paper in my head. I was sick all weekend, and, being the marvolous procrastinator that I am, I was up until 3am Monday morning writing the stupid thing, all doped up on Contac C. I spent most of last night praying that it wasn't anything major...maybe that I had forgot to document a source that I cited on my Works Cited page, or even better, that he had me mistaken for another person in my group. ( I don't talk much in class, so I think that the only way he would know me is through my group that I sit with every class...) So, needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night, and I sat freaking out through all of my classes today, and right through the meeting. I sat down with my prof, and he asked me about a particular passage in the paper, and said it sounded odd, and asked if it was from a secondary source. I didn't recognize the passage, but I told him the whole story about being sick and out of it, with the idea that handing in a crappy paper was better than not handing in anything at all. So he asked me to take the paper home, check for things that should be credited to a secondary source, and bring in all of the sources. Okay...I can do that. So I get home, and start skimming it. And I'm not getting any of it. I honestly don't remember writing any of it, but I was REALLY out of it...
And then I started noticing all kinds of grammatical errors...and so I turn to the front...and it WASN'T MY PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a paper by one of the girls that sits next to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He never actually called me by name, and I didn't get a chance to actually look at the paper until I got home. And IT WASN'T MY PAPER!!!!!!!! So I frantically emailed him, and tried to call his office, but he had already left for the day...so now I not only have to give him this girl's paper, but I look like a total retard for not recognizing that the paper wasn't mine! I cannot stress enough that I was really sick and doped up on Contac C. (If anyone has seen me on Contac C, you'll understand...) So all that prayin' paid off...it really was a big mistake!! Of course, of all the people I know...this stuff always happens to me...Steve was right when he once told me that my life is one giant soap opera...

Oh yeah. HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY!! (gotta keep connected to my Irish roots...)


Operation Hipster Chic

Operation Hipster Chic is officially underway. I believe that all agents have been briefed, and we are now prepared to plan the first mission. The MO is clear, but the way of reaching that MO is not. Any agents with any ideas let me know, as I am eager to get this underway.


Stupid Computer...Whatever...

So now I have decided that the Sims are minions of Satan. Well, that may be an exaggeration...but they DID crash the computer, so I have decided that I shall wash my hands of Reno and Vendetta Stitch. For now....
I have been looking at the building across the alley from time to time, and have noticed that one of the balcony has an extra bar around the top of it...I wonder what purpose it serves, and what makes that balcony so special that it has that little extra bit of metal?
As it is plain to see, I really do NOT want to read the first act of Hamlet again, and am looking for distractions. I'm tired of being in school, but I don't really want to be done yet, because that means I have to find a REAL job...maybe I'll become a professional student and try to get more letters after my name than are in my name. Such an ambitious goal...or a stupid one...


Excitement at the Albany.

So I was sitting here at the computer, NOT playing Sims, and the fire alarm goes off. Now for most of you, this is a big deal! The building is on fire! Not so with the residents of the Albany. We slowly gather in the starwells, mumbling ill will under our breath...yet we are not worried. Why? Because this is not the first time it has happened. It is not the second time, or the third, or the fourth, or even the fifth. No this is about the TENTH time it has happened in the last 8 or so months. Only once was there actually a fire, and that was a minor blaze in the garbage room that started when some idiot threw a cigarette down the chute. No, the other times all occured because someone was just brilliant enough to pull the alarm. However, upon reaching the lobby, I knew this time was different. A police car was parked right outside the doors, and the officer was on his way in. Another car pulled up behind the first. Four officers proceeded to the 13th floor, where the alarm was pulled. Then the fire trucks arrived, six in total. Only four or five firefighters went in, in full gear. A short time later, the police officers emerged from the elevator, with a very sketchy looking gentleman in handcuffs. In natural fashion, a long string of swearing was spewing from his mouth, as the officers practically had to drag him to one of the cars. The crowd of residents began applauding and laughing. The "gentleman" continued to struggle and curse the officers, to the point where they had to have him down on the ground to restrain him. With that, the firefighters emerged from the building, telling us that we could all return to our homes...
I'm feeling an awful lot of satisfaction right now.

Sims are Taking Over!

The Sims are taking over my life! Russ had it on the desktop, and so I sat down to play...and didn't get up from the computer until FIVE HOURS LATER! This is just rediculous! I have to stop. Is there a Simaholics Anonymous somewhere that I can join? Alissa, you've been through this, do you have any suggestions on how I can walk away in Platinum Mood?? Stupid computer games....


I'm NOT the Only One!

Russ reads this site all the time, and came across this wonderful article. I think it is great to know that I'm not the only person baffled by the stupidity of the common human being.



The Killers are coming to town. AND tickets are SOLD OUT!!!!!!!! I'm so upset!! I don't get to see the KILLERS!! I'm so sad...sniff...
I don't want to hear anything about it. I guess all that I have to look forward to in April is being done school. I'm very sad...sniff...sniff...


The Jewish Harlot.

So apparently I am a Jewish "Lady of the Night" according to some retard customers who thought that they were just hilarious. Yesterday I was helping a guy, and the first thing he said was " Are you Jewish?" My confused response was..."uh, no...do I look like I'm Jewish???" And he just laughed, and it required all of my willpower to shatter his confidence by telling him he was not at all funny...but that's not all...
Today, I greeted another guy, and he said "Cassandra. Well, Cassandra, do you like your name?" Confused, I responded by telling him that I did, in fact like my name, and was rather attached to it. He then proceeded to tell me that his brother wanted to name his child that, but his wife thought it was the name of a "lady of the night" (while saying this he used the finger quote gestures and winked, of course....). I replied, "Did you actually just say what I think you said?" He kinda studdered and then nervously laughed. I rolled my eyes and walked away. Serves him right for talking to a Harlot.


New Tunes!

I just discovered the greatest new singer/group/whatever...Frou Frou!! Sooooo Good!! I think you'd really like it, Erika! I highly recommend everyone to check her out!



Russ and I have been together for two years. That is hard to believe...I don't have a good track record for relationships, so two years is crazy....but it's so great...sigh....I actually wrote this almost a year ago, but I think it makes sense to post it now.


Reach down to me,
pull me from the turbid mire.
Drench me in light.
Kiss me with your warming lips,
remind me why I'm here.

Crystal drops soak my skin,
with the gentle touch of a thunderstorm.
Look me in the eye...
Show me your soul.

Vines intertwined,
we walk among the clouds.
Elated...I'm afraid.
I've never been here before.

I stand here with you
Between lightning and light...
Higher than I've ever been,
You're what I need.



I have grown tired
of this life's restrictions.
I long to stretch
My ill-used wings
and fly far away.

If only I could turn
back the tireless hands of time,
and capture all the perfect moments
to keep in my pocket.
There has to be a reason for all this madness.

I want to glimmer like I used to,
long before I became jaded to everything.
I want to sparkle brighter than the starry night.
I wish to shine.

I wish I could step out of my head
for just one day,
to actually know what it is to see the
World through rose-coloured glasses...
What must that be like?


Trapped by Language

Today is my day off, so while Russ was at work, I decided to camp out in front of the tv...
I ended up watching Sunday afternoon news on CBC. The death toll resulting from the tsunami has now reached 150 000, and there are still bodies washing up on shore in some places...
They did a recap of the week's events, as well as interviewed various Canadian survivors. I can't wrap my brain around it. I just can't. I see the video, hear the stories, read the articles, and I just can't imagine the horror going on in those stricken countries. Indonesia's death toll alone is over 80 000. At moments like this, it makes me so thankful to be in Canada, yet I feel guilty enjoying my cushy bed when people are sleeping on a dirt floor in an open-air temple, their whole lives having been swept away by water. There is a little boy in India who has a hole in his heart, and is to have surgery on the 10th, but his mother doesn't want to leave the temple where they are staying because she will lose her place to bring him back to to recover. Jan 08th there is a national memorial in Ottawa at noon. All flags on government and federal buildings are to be lowered to half-mast today...there is much to think about, and reflect on. Welcome to 2005.