Hier wird Deutsch vorlesen...schlecht.

If anyone tells you that taking 6 credits of reading German in 6 weeks is a good idea, RUN AWAY SCREAMING!!!!!! So German is not an easy language to read and translate. First of all, it has bloody genders, like French...who cares if the sun is masculine, or if the chair is feminine?? Really! It also has a case system. Four cases. ARGH! German is hard! Yup...and I have a midterm on Monday. A two and a half hour long MIDTERM. Yup. Maybe I should buy the german Glamour to practice....heh. I can't wait be done,to be able to return to opening shifts...although, i forgot that closing isn't bad, because its much more lax than a morning shift...maybe I'll just close once in a while.

I worked with Emily last night, and after close, we decided to put in some good music. So Emily, being the cool chick she is, pulls out her CD wallet and puts in Nightwish, which can be described as operatic metal...and man, oh man, they rock!! I totally got hooked! Which isn't that surprising, because I'm a serious music junkie...the mp3 collection on our computer has over 4000 songs!!!
So if anyone needs music, I'm the girl to talk to.

The date for the make up concert with DAVID USHER FINALLY was posted...he's coming back on July 17th...right before my birthday! (Although I'm pretty sure that it isn't scheduled then because of that...) I'm still waiting for his CD that I PREORDERED to show up...it was ordered over a month ago. I emailed them and they still haven't responded...so I have had to be content with downloading the album for now...but it's just not the same.

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Emily said...

Yes, Nightwish is completely addictive not to mention wonderful.

And I, being the silly and disorganised person I am, can't find your e-mail address which I was sure I put in the small pocket of my backpack... but anyhow I'm insane so I probably put it in a pocket or something and it will turn up in a month or so having gone through the wash a few times... anyhow I've started rambling...

I have the Unitarian Jihad thing posted on my blog here: http://moss_agate.blogspot.com/2005/05/unitarian-jihad.html