The Curse.

Russ and I have decided, that as soon as we graduate, we are buying a condo. Why, you may ask, have we decided this? Well, let me tell you...so that we can escape the Curse of psycho landlords!!! On Thursday, we had the landlord call us up and yell at us because we haven't unpacked yet, meaning that our apartment is full of boxes. He said it was a fire hazard. Also, because there are some dirty dishes on the counter, apparently it is a health hazard as well. On top of that, he accused us of taking a hammer to the front door, which is ironic because, firstly, we don't own a hammer, and secondly, because we mentioned the damage before we even moved in, and he said that he would replace the door...yeah. So when I called him back to find out how, exactly, we could unpack things when we had no storage locker, which he had promised to assign to us, before we moved in. He started swearing at me, and so I simply said that the apartment was not an f**king mess, and he responded with "Now you're f**king swearing at me??!!! Well I'm going to evict your sorry ass!" and proceeded to hang up. Now, since we have been screwed around a number of times, we have the tenant/landlord Act pretty much memorized. He could try to evict us, but since we have not damaged the apartment, and since we unpacked some stuff and did some dishes, he really can't do anything. I'm pretty sure he was just having a bad day because the fire inspectors came by to inspect the bedroom windows in the building to see if they were up to code, and they aren't, and that is the landlord's responsiblity, and so he decided to take his frustruation out on us. Ugh. What an uneducated wank.

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