And She Gave Him Hand-Payment...heheh...

Last night was so much fun!! I seriously have not laughed so hard for so long in such a long time! I laughed so hard that a tapioca pearl almost came out of my NOSE!! Steph, Arden, Erika, Alissa, Marian and I decided to go for chinese food in honour of Arden's last day at the Cup. We embarassed Steph at the resturant because we were pretty much the only white people in there, and we were pretty hyper, and fairly loud. But we had a blast! Afterwards, Arden and Erika took off because Erika had to finish a paper, so the rest of us went and picked up Sandra and went to Dream Tea, where we proceeded to embarass Steph some more...it was awesome! I can't wait for our slumber party! We have to build a fort!!

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Erika said...

slumber party???? I want to build a fort too!!!

Hope bubble tea rocked because my paper on Stephane Grappelli (pretty much the biggest violin legend ever)was the best time of my life!!!! Yup. Papers are the best ever.