Wind, and Rain and...SNOW?!?! Oh my....

So, apparently, it's WINTER??? Though we have not yet got snow on the ground...it's freakin' gross out!! It's been a while since I've posted anything...but I haven't felt that there has been much to post. I'm still in Save-On hell, and every day it sucks a little more life out of me. Seriously, if I didn't hate Chad with such vengence, I'd consider going back--but I hate Chad. I'm getting exceedingly frustrated with the job search. Russ is doing well in school--in that he is the smart kid everyone sits by so they can cheat off of him...you know how he is. Right now I'm in Olds, visiting my family. My parents have another Japanese exchange student living with them, named Haruka. She's totally cute! Honestly, not much is post-worthy, and thus, I end this brief update.

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