The Garden Island.

Firstly, happy Mother's Day to all those mamas out there!!

Russ and I have officially booked our plane tickets (a total of four planes!) and accommodations for our trip to Kaua'i in August, and now we just have to get our butts in gear and get those passports finalized!

I bought the Lonely Planet guide to Kaua'i and have been going through it starring and circling things right and left, and am now starting to get really, totally stoked. A few must see spots for us are:

Wailua Falls
Kauai Coffee Plantation
Kalapaki Beach

We don't want to rent a car, so we went and bought a couple of expedition packs from MEC. We plan on walking from the airport to the place where we are staying, which is about 2km. Russ says that if we can't walk that, we should die...We are planning on renting bikes for the week, and taking one day to rent a pair of scooters so that we can go a bit farther, to see the coffee plantation and other sights. With the money that we will save from not renting a car, we are even considering going skydiving!! Scary, but exciting at the same time! Only three months, twelve days, and seven hours to go...


Everybody Loves Dub said...

Sounds uber exciting!

...and could you please change the link to my blog so that it says "Trash TalkING"... which is the actual name... please...

Erika said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! You're going to post a billion photos right?
Just read your wedding rant post. I know how you feel... Arden and I had a definite budget and we hate the tackiness of weddings... I had some people flip out when I mentioned that I wouldn't WEAR shoes on my wedding day let alone the color of them. Arden and I chose to do things differently... and that did get people all up in arms but because we did things that suited US people came up to us afterwards and said it was the most beautiful wedding they had been to... so DO WHAT YOU WANT! Choose certain things you want to do to honor your parents but when it comes down to it... a day that is totally "You guys" will be absolutely beautiful!

Cass said...

I will post a billion photos. I can't believe that some people flipped when you said you weren't wearing shoes! Ugh...We plan on doing things our way. We really haven't had to make any concessions for our parents, which is nice...but some people still seem to think that they know better than us as to how to celebrate our love.