We Survived...Barely.

It's been a while, but June has been ever-so busy!! We started the month with the move into the new apartment. We weren't able to move in until the third, but we survived, and have a fantastic new place to call home. The apartment is bigger, with a working stove, and an AMAZING view of the river valley. I still can't get over it! Now...just have to unpack...
I also had two bridal showers thrown for me at the beginning of the month, one by my mom's friends from work, and one by my aunts. I felt so incredibly spoiled--we were given so many wonderful (and useful) things, it was almost embarrassing! Now, with our working stove, we'll be able to use all those great kitchen goods and cookbooks and other delightful things. Now, on to a busy Saturday of attending not one, but TWO weddings!

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