Friday was my mom's 50th birthday. Russ and I took the week off, and showed up at my parents' house on Monday. My mom had no idea. She had thought that the only daughter coming home was Cher, who was on reading week. Mom and dad went to a B&B on Tuesday. Tuesday night, the doorbell rings, and Cher runs up to get it. Russ and I remain downstairs. We hear Cher squeal, so we go running upstairs, and there, in the entry way, is Caryn!! Caryn is going to school in Winnipeg, and so no one had any idea that she would be able to come home! She planned it in January, and told no one except her friends Leesa and Brandon, because they picked her up from the airport. Christine came home on Wednesday, so when mom and dad got home on Thursday, we were all there. Mom was speechless. It was a great birthday surprise!


Everybody Loves Dub said...

He he... that's awesome.

Cass said...

It was pretty great.