This weekend Russ and I were able to spend thanksgiving with my extended family, which is always an exciting time. This year there was much to be thankful for:

  • All of my sisters and I were able to make it home this year
  • Russ and I met Maria, the Brazilian exchange student who is staying with my parents for the year
  • My cousin Ben was at thanksgiving at my grandparents (Ben spent the last year in New Zealand, and this weekend was the first we'd seen of him since he came home!)
  • My cousin Jana and her husband Dan announced the exciting news that they are expecting (the first!)
  • I was able to wander around my old high school and take some pictures and refresh some memories before it is sold (the town has built a fancy new school)
  • There was copious amounts of delicious homemade food to be shared
  • There was much conversation and laughter to share
  • The snow held off on our drive home until we arrived in Edmonton
And finally, my wonderful, awesome and somewhat nerdy husband came across this sweet video on youtube:

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Caryn said...

that video is so awesome...