Project Fail

I had high hopes for my Project 365 photos. Take a photo a day? Not a big deal, with three cameras around, including a cell phone. Jump forward many many photos later, and I am now two months behind in uploading said photos. I have taken my daily photo, even if it required me to jump out of bed at 11:45pm to do it. I just couldn't find the time to upload these photos. And those three cameras that were to make it so easy? They actually made it much more difficult because I couldn't just pick the photos in sequence from a memory card--I had to search three different memory cards!

While I'm sort of annoyed with myself for having fallen so behind, at the same time, I have better things to do than upload millions of photos to flickr. Like unpack things in our new home, and tickle Medea until she laughs so hard she gets the hiccups. I hope to find time to upload the rest of my year...but we'll see.

Project 365 may not be completed, but I got pretty far. And have some great photos from it.

Onward to unpacking, settling in, and preparing for Christmas!

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Deborah said...

Maybe it will be Project 300 for you but at least you tried and so I don't think it is Project Fail.