There is a Special Circle of Hell Reserved for You!

I went to the school bookstore to purchase "literature" for my lovely classes...and it gave me an ulcer! The pain started as I elbowed (LITERALLY!) my way down the stairs into the bowels of educational hell. Using tactics usually reserved for slamming people into walls and such, I made my way to the anthropology section. I only had to buy three books for my medical anthropology class...doesn't that make me sound smart?...anyways, since I am still waiting on my stupid loans, I decided that I would only get the books that I need immediately, so I grabbed the rather thin paperback entitled " Understanding Medical Anthropology" and almost vomited when I looked at the barcode. 106.25 frickin' dollars!!!!! Then I had to make my way to the line, surrounded by freaks who don't know the meaning of personal boundaries...then, to top it all off, the cashier was a total cow! ARGH! Stupid U of A! Whatever!


Erika said...

This really makes me want to go to school there in a year. Who knows. Maybe the U of A music people aren't cows. Na... I doubt it.

Cass said...

Heh. Well, i knew one girl in music, and she was really cool...but i knew about 6 or 7 people that supersucked!!! so i really think that it is the same with all faculties...except business. Business sucks.