War of the Dishes

I don't think that they did anything to deserve it...I say down with Dish terrorism!! The carnage must be stopped! The government of the Republic of Cass has decided to take drastic and controversial measures to put an end to the endless and senseless violence that has befallen our lovely republic. Confiscation of all weapons will begin today at 19:00 hours. There is an extremely complex and involved plan of action in the works, although details are still classified information. Many Dish-rights activist groups are rallying behind the decision of the government, building a following amoungst all citizens. We will continue to update the nation's fight on terrorism as new information is made available.

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Icky Icky said...

I, as well, condemn the violence against dishes. They are an immense resource to this republic. We should all ask ourselves, were it not for the grace of dishes, over what would we eat? Dishes are all that stand between us and over-the-sink barbarism.
Those who would take our dishes will do so, not because of what we did, but WHO WE ARE. As such, we have to take action against them before they threaten our entire way of life.