I Want a Band!

I wish that I was musically inclined. Rather, more so...I can play the piano...and that's about it. I want a band. It would be called Jill's Smirking Revenge, and it would ROCK SO HARD! Yup, and the name of the first album would be "If Courtney Can Do It..." Because if Courtney Love can have a band with her tone-deaf voice, then why can't I???


alissa said...

Dude, I wanna be in a band sooo bad! Except mine would be called Drunk Jesus. I can play the piano too. I don't know if I can sing or not but I sure to like the sound of my own voice :P

Erika said...

My friends at school and I have formed a "band" called the Pink Grenades. We're hard core. Actually, we're all just a bunch of posers that go around singing our "punk" songs. Yup, we rock out. Who knows maybe one day we'll get to lip sync on Saturday Night Live just like Ashlee Simpson.

Cass said...

Can you believe that she tried to pull that?! Russ found footage of it on the internet. he said that on the east coast, they actually edited out her vocals to make it seem like the band actually screwed up! the footage is funny because you can tell that the band is thinking "ha...stupid girl...try to explain this!"