God Really Smiled on ME Today!

So on Mon, Wed, Fri, I have my Shakespeare class. Yesterday after class, my prof. caught me on my way out, and asked if I could have a meeting with him before next class, in regards to my paper that was due on Monday. So of course, I start instantly freaking out, in the wonderful way that I always do. I made a meeting with him for today @ 3pm. I spent all last night freaking out, fretting, going over my paper in my head. I was sick all weekend, and, being the marvolous procrastinator that I am, I was up until 3am Monday morning writing the stupid thing, all doped up on Contac C. I spent most of last night praying that it wasn't anything major...maybe that I had forgot to document a source that I cited on my Works Cited page, or even better, that he had me mistaken for another person in my group. ( I don't talk much in class, so I think that the only way he would know me is through my group that I sit with every class...) So, needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night, and I sat freaking out through all of my classes today, and right through the meeting. I sat down with my prof, and he asked me about a particular passage in the paper, and said it sounded odd, and asked if it was from a secondary source. I didn't recognize the passage, but I told him the whole story about being sick and out of it, with the idea that handing in a crappy paper was better than not handing in anything at all. So he asked me to take the paper home, check for things that should be credited to a secondary source, and bring in all of the sources. Okay...I can do that. So I get home, and start skimming it. And I'm not getting any of it. I honestly don't remember writing any of it, but I was REALLY out of it...
And then I started noticing all kinds of grammatical errors...and so I turn to the front...and it WASN'T MY PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a paper by one of the girls that sits next to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He never actually called me by name, and I didn't get a chance to actually look at the paper until I got home. And IT WASN'T MY PAPER!!!!!!!! So I frantically emailed him, and tried to call his office, but he had already left for the day...so now I not only have to give him this girl's paper, but I look like a total retard for not recognizing that the paper wasn't mine! I cannot stress enough that I was really sick and doped up on Contac C. (If anyone has seen me on Contac C, you'll understand...) So all that prayin' paid off...it really was a big mistake!! Of course, of all the people I know...this stuff always happens to me...Steve was right when he once told me that my life is one giant soap opera...

Oh yeah. HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY!! (gotta keep connected to my Irish roots...)

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