Sister Act II

A couple of weeks ago, my baby sis Cher came up to Etown to stay with her big sisters, and we had a blast!!! And then, when the time came for her to return to Olds, I went as well, because it was our parents' 25th wedding anniversary, and we had a big open house planned. (It went well, even though the scrapbook that i was putting together as their gift was finished at 3am the night before!!) And during the week that I spent in Olds, got to sleep in Cher's room on a mattress on the floor because all the bedrooms were full, but it was great, because it was like a two week long slumber party! When I returned to Etown, i was homesick, and missed Cher, because we had just spent over two weeks together every day...and now she's coming up to stay for a few days!! I get to take her back-to-school shopping at west ed, and i'm so excited!! My other sister Caryn is coming up too, so we will all get to be together before Caryn heads to Winnipeg to school. That's gonna be weird, because I won't get to see her until she comes home for Christmas. .. But yeah.
Look out Edmonton, cause here come the Wheeler sisters!!

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