Rainy Days Make Me Smile.

For some reason or another, I really enjoy rainy days. Maybe it's the farm girl in me, or perhaps it caters to my meloncholy, but in any case I just love rain. Especially when it's not super windy, and the rain is steady and lasts all day. It's the perfect kind of weather to curl up on the couch with a good book and a warm blanket, because doing that when it snows means that you are there because it is too freakin' cold out to do anything else. I grew up in the country, and so I have always loved to go to sleep listening to the rain on the roof. In the city, it is much harder to enjoy that sound with all the sounds of the city going on in the background. I just wish it was possible to bottle the smell of freshly-rained-on earth. I would wear it everyday, and my house would smell like it too...fresh, clean, and green. Yup. That would be swell.


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Cass said...

Um...not really...since i'm almost done a bachelor's degree from a real university.