I'm Getting Old...I Fear Change...

First of all, I would just like to say that Steph sucks, because she is leaving me. Secondly, I would also like to say that I think that I am probably one of the least-surprised people to hear about Bree and Adam. Thirdly, Erika put me number one on her list, so I shall honour her request and compile my own.

Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. Go to London with Russ and to Switzerland with Yvonne, as well as travel all over the world.
2. Get married and have ridiculously adorable AND intelligent children.
3. Write something fantastic. It doesn't even have to be published, or widely read....and maybe I could design the cover too...
4. Own/Run my own business...maybe a coffee house (without nazis)/salon/gallery/beatnik hangout...
5. Go to Sephora in New York. (And maybe catch some cool open mike nights in The Village...)

Things I Can Do

1. Make the best latte. It's all about the crema.
2. Paint/Write/be artsy, especially with my stick people and the Casshead Army.
3. Make someone cry using only my words. (Is that necessarily a good thing??)
4. Apply makeup like a pro.
5. Make someone laugh so hard they stop breathing...and almost pee their pants.

Things I Can't Do

Remember where I put my keys, ipod, wallet, earrings, cds, boyfriend, etc....................
2. Be organized.
3. Anything remotely associated with athletics (which includes walking...)
4. Hide my feelings.
5. Resist the urge to make fun of someone, including myself...(but not in a mean way...)

Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex

1. Intelligence and wit.
2. Honesty (even if I think I don't want it...)
3. Boyish good looks, including great hair, even when he thinks it isn't.
4. Thoughtfulness, and willingness to accept me for who I am, even though he knows that I'm actually crazy...
5. Keen sense of style...ahem.

Celebrity Crushes

1. David Usher.
2. James Black.
3. Johnny Depp.
4. Bruce Willis.
5. Gabriel Byrne.
6. Colin Firth.

People I Want to Do This Next

1. Russ.
2. Yvonne.
3. Steph.
4. Alissa.

nd now it is finished, I'm full of turkey, and I need to do homework tomorrow since I did nothing all weekend...ah...Thanksgiving...


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Erika said...

"Askinstoo" sucks....

Just thought I'd let you know about a crap site where you can make over 800 crap loads of of crap in extra income. Go to this crap site, and put in your zip code.... up will pop several crap places where you can get paid crap to shop, and take crap surveys, etc. It's free, because it is crap. I found several and live in a small crap town.

OK, what is this I hear about Steph leaving? Leaving where???? Honestly, I don't work for a couple of days and suddenly people start leaving? Somebody fill me in.

Cass said...

steph is quitting because she has a hundred million jobs, and since the cup pays the least and has the least promise for any kind of promotion, she decided to kiss the cup goodbye...however, she still expects free coffee.
askinstoo sucks.

alissa said...

Uhm, guys...askinstoo, or whatever is my other blog account. I just wanted to help you make extra money seeing as The Cup doesn't pay that much. I am just looking out for you Cass. Ungrateful... Last time I ever try to help you out