Sooooooo...it's...2:51am...and i'm still up. Why, you may ask, is Cass still up? Well, you guessed it! Her good friend Insomnia is back, with a vengence! I'm frickin' tired!! I stayed up until 1am yesterday to study for my classics 302 final...then i got up at 9am this morning to do more studying...i went to school at 12pm to do more studying...then i wrote my exam. Then i came home, exhausted, wanting desperately to sleep...and proceeded to lay in bed for an hour and a half, trying to sleep. No dice. So i watched a couple of movies, taking a break from studying (which i shall be doing all day tuesday and wednesday) and now, it's 3am, and i desperately want to sleep...but i CAN'T!!! I have been dealing with this since i was 12, but i had it under control for a while...now, since i'm stressed, and my body needs sleep, it refuses to sleep. Yup. Good times had by all. I'm gonna go lay in bed for a while, and try to beat my tired brain into submission...hopefully i'll have enough left to finish writing my finals...if not, i will be the girl on the news whose head exploded. Maybe my family could sue the school...weep...oh man! I have GOT to sleep!!! Wish me luck....

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