Back to Blah.

I'm back from Cold Lake, and back to boring life...it's been a busy few weeks, and it's kind of depressing returning to work, and, soon, to school for my final semester. Russ's friend's wedding was small, and sweet, and the couple seems very happy...man...I know this scares Russ, but I can't wait to get married...and to get a car. Having a car will be fantastic. As will moving out of this crappy apartment with no heat. Yup...I can't wait to join the Real World....but not the one that was a big hit in the nineties.


Erika said...

Yea you`re back! By the way. My new CD rocks, and I almost died when I heard "Hide and Seek". Her voice is insane!

When you`re done school and quit the Cup, I`m still going to see you all the time right? Because your face rocks!

Cass said...

OF COURSE!!!!! You're already invited to the eventual wedding, dude!!! And "Hide and Seek" is totally insane!!! I KNEW you would love it!! Yay!