Everyone has the Plague.

So everyone is dying. Including me. It's ridiculous how sick everyone is! I began to develop a sore throat on the weekend. I thought I was just dehydrated. Then, on Monday, I woke up with my throat on fire. By Monday night, I was SICK. I went on msn. And of the 5 or 6 people online, everyone's profile included the words "sick" or "dying" or "kill me now"...yup...sick. Sick, sick, sick. I'm trying Cold FX for the first time. I just started it today. Let's see whether or not it lives up to the hype. I slept for 6 hours this afternoon...ugh. I feel like crap. I hope no one else gets sick...Eat Vitamins!!

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alissa said...

My threat of arson still stands if anyone makes me sick. Don't think you are immune to my fiery revenge just because we live in the same building. After all, I am moving in a few weeks.