Sayanora Suckers!!

I'M LEAVING THE CUP!!!!! (Of course, I'm starting at another Cup, but it isn't owned by Keith and Jane, and it isn't run by their doofus son, and I'm getting paid better, and I'm bringing people with me!!) Yup. I am so outta there. I can't wait!! It's definitely time for me to go...though I get to miss out on actually working in the store after renos, but there is no freaking way I'm staying there for another month and a half. Chad would turn up dead long before then...But I'll miss working with everyone, so you all have to promise we will still get together a lot!!!!!!!!


Rebecca said...

So the interview went well then? Which Cup? Who are you taking with you? I think that I will stay until August so that I can screw around with my availability and not feel bad about it....it's only Chad! LOL! But we will see! And hangin gout with me/coming to my parties will still be mandatory!

Emily said...

Yay, Cass!

I was glad I got out of there when I did... with people leaving left right and center and Chad being such a moron I think I would have gone insane (well more insane anyway)... particularly seeing as I would have had to deal with my massive workload as well.