"Wanted" Woman.

Things have been less crappy lately. I start training for the cash office job next week, and I found out that I qualify for dental coverage. They also want to train me for front desk, because apparently, I have the "right personality" for the front desk. When they asked me if I would be up for working front desk, I said "I guess...but will my rampant misanthropy be an issue?" Of course, I just got a weird look and nervous laugh...
I was also told that they want me in Price Change...which would be interesting...it would be a graveyard shift 10pm-6am, Saturday nights. You get a $2/hr shift premium, and all you do is put on your music, and walk around changing the price tags on the shelves...plus the department manager is frickin' awesome!! I dunno though...that would really screw with my system. I think I'll stick with this stuff for now...I'm totally pumped for this week's Eastbound trip too...can't wait to see everyone!!

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