Sadie, Sadie, MARRIED Lady!!

Yup! So totally married!!! Everything went absolutely perfectly. The day was sunny and warm, but not too warm. Our families met for the first time on Friday, and hit it off right away. The rehearsal went quite smoothly, and we had a big barbecue afterward, which was lots of fun.

I was absolutely calm the whole morning. Got up, had grandma-made cinnamon buns for breakfast with a cup of tea (NO coffee--I would have been bouncing off the walls!!) Lisa got my hair done ahead of schedule, and it looked fantastic. Sarah did my makeup and it looked beautiful, and natural, but was totally bulletproof. We gathered up our stuff and went to the church where I was putting my dress on, so it wouldn't get rumpled in the car. I was totally calm...until 20 minutes before the ceremony. Suddenly I was totally nervous and excited, and was sure I would hyperventilate or throw up on Russ at the front of the church. It was ridiculous. So as I was being all nervous, the pastor came down and said it was time, so we headed up and got ready to go in. As I was coming in, my aunt handed me my awesome bouquet--that weighed about 10 pounds! I made it down the aisle, my dad didn't cry until after he sat down (if I had seen him cry, I would have absolutely lost it.) I managed to make it through the first bit, until the vows. Russ got to go first, and his vows were so unbelievably beautiful that I almost fell apart. I managed to make it through my vows, which turned out fine, and then the rest was gravy! Yay!!!

The rest of the day went by so quickly, but it was so much fun. We got to see friends and family at the reception, eat delicious food, and CAKE! The cookies that we made for the favors went over like gangbusters. Everyone has been raving about them. They were really good cookies.

I honestly couldn't have asked for a better day. Yay marriage!


Erika said...

Yay marriage! It was a ridiculously beautiful day!
Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. We have yet to get our internet hooked up. Yes we need to get together pronto! Yes, we our new place is great and it's a block away from our old place except not sketchy. Yes, we have a little car... it's a '89 chevy corsica but it was only driven by an old lady so it only has 84,000 km. on it and runs like a charm! Let's see each other soon OK? Our cell numbers are the same. We'll call you soon!

Anonymous said...

congrats you two love birds! such a pretty wedding. Im so happy you let me be apart of your special day. Hopefully now you'll have free time to do some fun stuff! Give me a shout! -Dani-

Cass said...

Aw...thanks! When things settle down at work, I'll definitely give you a ring!

robyn bright said...

I feel slightly creepy co-worker stalker-ish so I will not lurk here anonymously but say- hello! Hope you are having a good eve! ;-)