HelloooooOOOOoooo Nurses!

I'm always at a loss for what to dress up as for Hallowe'en, so when my friend Dominika asked if I would like to join her and Scheherazade in dressing up as nurses from Silent Hill, I was stoked. It took two days to create the masks out of paper mache, which we then painted with acrylics.
The nurse uniforms that we found were distressed with tea and coffee grinds, then stained with water colour inks, acrylics, and cream paints.
We painted on veins with acrylics, and even though we weren't planning on taking off our masks, we painted up our faces like skulls for total creepy effect.
The overall result was AWESOME!!

The only people who saw us without our masks besides those who went with us, were the people at Tim Horton's, because we weren't allowed to wear our masks there for ID purposes. I guess three undead nurses with pipes walking into a Tim's would be a bit creepy, but really, zombies need doughnuts too!

What was under the mask...

We ended up winning the prize at New City for best group costume, and it was a great feeling! (Though I have to say it was a total BLAST to walk down Jasper and freak people out!!)

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