You'll Have to Speak Up Sir!

While at work today, I had a sleep-deprivation-induced epiphany: people have not been taught how to speak clearly. (Yes...I know what you are thinking--"it took you THAT long to discover this?!?") There are the people who think that a cell phone will work better if you YELL EVERYTHING YOU SAY INTO THE MOUTHPIECE, as well as the people who talk so quietlyandquicklythatyouhavetohavethemrepeatthemselves...repeatedly. It really bugs me when someone mumbles something, and, upon my request for a repeat, instantly assume that I am of a lower intelligence than they are, and so must. speak. very. slowly. and. emPHAsizedly. (Is that a real word?...asks the English Major...) I wish that there was some delicate way of telling someone that they need to improve their speech delivery...maybe I could start my own card company for the sole purpose of delivering such suggestions "delicately"...Work often induces such nonsensical ponderings...but, alas, you must all suffer them now HAHA!

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