Guinea Pigs

So don't you all feel so special? You get to be the first people ever to read a poem by me. Don't make fun of it because I am very protective of my work and I will be forced to kick your butt. Please understand what a big step this is...That's right. This is one of my favorite ones, because of the bizarre imagery.


Here, in my bed

A screaming sun goddess

Void of bitterness

I live a thousand true moments.

The urging summer petal storms

Pound in my head for eternity.

'Please stop' i ache,

but their delicate pink beauty manipulates my language.

Beneath the frantic chocolate spray,

You glistened among a million blue diamonds

as in a dream.

I am reminded of a long-ago image

stored deep in my subconsciousness

Now brought to light.

Crying, I am

Asleep and dreaming of

Visions of You,


"We are delirious, but not Mad."

So there you have it.


Homie Bear said...

Very nice, Cass. I did not know you wrote poetry.
Why does it show up without linebreaks though?

Cass said...

I don't know why it has no linebreaks...i put them in, but this crappy template ate them. i'm gonna try to repost.

Cass said...

I fixed it.