Could Someone Please Explain...

...the Barbie car phenomenon?? I have now seen three different vehicles around town this week with the Barbie logo in vinyl on the back window! And none of the cars were pink--one was a beat up looking army green-coloured pick up truck. I'm so confused.

I've been so exhausted these last few weeks. Moving into an assistant manager position definitely has it's perks, but it is also a LOT more work and responsibility. I feel like I'm completely starting over, and sometimes I wish that I had been with the company longer, and had a better grasp on the basics before having to learn everything else...but on the flip side, I totally dig the challenge!
I just wish I wasn't trying to plan a wedding as well...thank goodness for my family, without whom I would definitely be LOST! Whenever I get stressed thinking about work or wedding planning...I just remember that in 4 months, 6 days, and 17.5 hours, we will be married! And then, in 4 months, 7 days, and 11ish hours, we will be on our way to Hawaii!!!

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