New Tunes!

I just discovered the greatest new singer/group/whatever...Frou Frou!! Sooooo Good!! I think you'd really like it, Erika! I highly recommend everyone to check her out!

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Erika said...

Ok. Frou Frou? Wow. It's all in the name...yah. I'll definitely keep an eye out for them. Top five list of current listenings of Erika right now?

-K OS... pretty much the only hip hop I'll listen to...ever.
-J.S Bach... gotta love Music History.
-George... I believe she's a Brit. But that's all I know. I got her on a mix from a friend, and have been listening to it non-stop.
-Iron and Wine-good, mellow, relaxing homework music I must say.
-Evanescence:Live in Paris... I've come to realize that this CD is a relative let down. Maybe Amy Lee should do a little less head thrashing and a little more work with tuning. She's flat ever so slightly, and I've developed a slight twitch over it. Tune your voice, dang it!