I have grown tired
of this life's restrictions.
I long to stretch
My ill-used wings
and fly far away.

If only I could turn
back the tireless hands of time,
and capture all the perfect moments
to keep in my pocket.
There has to be a reason for all this madness.

I want to glimmer like I used to,
long before I became jaded to everything.
I want to sparkle brighter than the starry night.
I wish to shine.

I wish I could step out of my head
for just one day,
to actually know what it is to see the
World through rose-coloured glasses...
What must that be like?

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Erika said...

Just caught up on reading all of your postings...

China internet is dumb... it lets you post stuff on blogger but not read anyone else's blogs. Go figure.

Anyway, loved the poem and congrats on surviving your lit. class!!!!