Um... Alanis Morrissette is WHAT?!!!

Have you ever met someone who's very existence irritates you to your very CORE, who is so abrasive that you seriously consider lighting them on FIRE just to find repose???? Well, I worked with that person today. Let me tell you, to say that it was no picnic would be like saying that Mount Everest is high.
I have never heard so much inane, vapid chatter in my entire LIFE!!! Just shut UP! And the crap that came spewing out of her mouth...SERIOUSLY!!!
Apparently, the Cup is not haunted by a ghost, as we have believed. APPARENTLY, it is haunted by...drumroll please...Jesus. Yes. That's right. Jesus is haunting Second Cup, because, apparently, He doesn't have anything better to do. And-GET THIS-it is all because of the Communist cookies! Because the raspberry stars apparently have a political affiliation. She then proceeds to tell me that she doesn't like Alanis because she thinks that she is God. Why, you may ask, does Alanis think she is God? Because she played God in Dogma. Playing a role in a movie now apparently makes you into that role! Its so sad though, because by the end of the shift, I was openly insulting her, and she DIDN'T GET IT!! She called a customer a GRUMPIPUSS !!!!! She told another couple, who was sitting on a couch, talking and holding hands, to GET A ROOM!!! They weren't regulars, she just randomly does things like that!!!
I guess you learn something from each experience in life...today I learned restraint...BAH.


Emily said...

I feel your pain Cass... I really do.

Don't forget how clever the hazelnut rings are...

Cass said...

i think that i forgot to mention that i made her cry the same day she got fired...heheh..i am such a bad person.