Stupid Cupper Clique!

So...I have come to the devistating realization that I am out of the Second Cup clique...and it makes me kind of sad...in more ways than one. I used to always do things with everyone...but now...I never hear about anything until after the fact...this makes me sad, because a) I consider my co-workers my friends, and b) because my co-workers are my supposed friends...
I know...i'm being a loser, but still, I do still enjoy going for bubble tea, or going for wings, or going for dinner, or whatever, but it seems that I have been shunned. Hm. Perhaps I am just being more paranoid than usual, as has been the case recently...
That's fine though. Y'all all are jerks anyways...besides on Friday, I get to work with Steph and Rebecca! Yay! Then it's back to stupid Courtney all weekend...but then, on sunday, DAVID USHER! AND HE BETTER NOT BE SICK THIS TIME!!
Anyways, enough self-pity...I have to go get photos developed for the scrapbook that I am putting together for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. Don't get reprints at London Drugs! They charge 59 cents a reprint, and Save-On-Foods only charges 27 cents!

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